Smart Alarm - Does it connect to Samsung Camera and have I set it up correctly?

I’ve just purchased my first ST hub (v2) along with various components including the compatible Samsung Smartcam HD Pro.

I’m just getting to grips with the whole SmartThings setup and initially setup everything within the main SmartThings app (Motion, door sensors, interior siren, a dual relay for lighting and a couple of plugs) with the aim of using it to replace my iSmartAlarm system. I soon realised it was impossible to add a delay on the alarm going off when a door was opened and then discovered Smartapps and the ‘Smart Alarm’ app which seemed to do exactly what I wanted. However I have a couple of issues that I’m stuck on.

  1. The Samsung SmartCam isn’t available to select within the Smart Alarm app but I have managed to add it to the main app fine and it records a video when the alarm is triggered by the actual ST app. In the Smart Alarm smartapp I click cameras and the list is blank. Is the camera not compatible with this Smartapps?

  2. Have I setup everything correctly in that the ST app and the Smart Alarm app are completely separate systems? When I first open my ST app the system shows as “Security Ok, Disarmed” even when the system is armed through the Smart Alarm Smartapp?

No, Samsung SmartCam is not compatible with Smart Alarm. Smart Alarm predates both SHM and SmartCam by about a year and is a completely separate project.

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