Iris Keypad + SmartAlarm - What am I doing wrong?


Ok, so here’s the situation.

I’ve created the Iris Keypad device handler.

I’ve added the SmartAlarm smartapp.

I’ve clicked the remove button on the SHM.

I configured the SmartAlarm app to use the front door sensor, the siren, and the keypad.

I punch in the code on the keypad and hit the ON button, and it says it will arm in 30 seconds. I wait for it to arm.

To test the entry delay, I open the front door, the siren immediately goes off, but I hear the keypad chiming, as if I have 30 seconds to key in a code before it goes off.

What have I done wrong here?

One other note is that the buttons on the keypad seem off. On does what you would expect. It sets it to armed/away. But OFF sets it to armed/home (you would expect disarmed), and PARTIAL sets it to disarmed.

Any help with this?


Also, here are the logs from that event.

I can see where it’s executing entry delay, but the strobe/siren is blasting even before that happens.

2016-12-09 7:04:05.314 PM PST
30 minutes ago DEVICE status closed Front Door was closed
2016-12-09 7:04:04.077 PM PST
30 minutes ago DEVICE alarm both Siren alarm is both
2016-12-09 7:04:03.924 PM PST
30 minutes ago DEVICE armMode entryDelay Iris Keypad arm mode is entryDelay
2016-12-09 7:04:03.911 PM PST
30 minutes ago APP_COMMAND setEntryDelay
2016-12-09 7:04:03.863 PM PST
30 minutes ago APP_COMMAND strobe
2016-12-09 7:04:03.594 PM PST
30 minutes ago DEVICE status open Front Door was opened
2016-12-09 7:03:35.185 PM PST
30 minutes ago DEVICE armMode armedAway Iris Keypad arm mode is armedAway
2016-12-09 7:03:34.435 PM PST
30 minutes ago APP_COMMAND setArmedAway

(Unt0ld) #2

I would use User Lock Manager to define what the Iris Keypad triggers.
This is how I got it working.

Install a new Device Handler

Instll User Lock Manager

Reset IRIS Keypad & Add to Smartthings

  1. Disconnect the batteries.
  2. Press and hold the Wall Tamper Button
  3. While holding the Wall Tamper Button, reconnect one battery.
  4. After 2 seconds Release the Wall Tamper Button.
  5. Wait for the Wireless icon to start
  6. Add a Thing in Smartthings app (it may take a few tries to add)

Configure User Lock Manager with users and codes. You must use 4 digit codes.
It may take a 10 minutes or so to start working.

( #3

Angry Jedi throws 404 code when i try to get the code pasted above… Dead links? Anyone have these? Trying to get iris keypad running.

( #4

(Mark) #5

Would anyone happen to have some pointers on how to use the Iris keypad as a way to unlock my door, but without it needing to be in armed mode.

Here’s the scenario: I’m in the UK and I’m using a Yale Conexis L1 lock(this lock doesn’t have a keypad), so on a recent trip to the US I picked up an IRIS keypad on sale with the idea of using it as a secondary way to unlock my front door. I’m not yet arming/disarming the alarm so it is always in ‘disarmed’ state.

I have managed to use Lock Manager to get the door to unlock when the keypad goes from armed to disarmed, however when I try to ‘disarm’(enter code on keypad, press ‘off’) it doesn’t trigger the routine because the state isn’t changing. I also tried using webCORE but didn’t have anymore luck here as I’m still dependant on being able to always track any successful code entry.

Any thoughts?

(Dale Richter) #6

I am looking to do the same thing but with my Garage door (using a “Linear” garage door opener already in place). I have the exact same keypad and have used it as a way to arm/disarm SHM but would prefer a way to replace my current garage door keypad with a ST compatible one for better control.