Slow response to triggers and events

Slow response to triggers and events. Same issue I have will all my devices over the past few months.

I know I am not alone in my constant issue with events slow to trigger or not working consistently from day to day.

I have reduced my ST to just 2 device over the past few months sine ST has been so un reliable.

I don’t have smart home with ST today, its more a testing ground for ST I feel.

Today, just a single cree connected using ST published device type and door sensor

As an example, that light will trigger based on door sensor. There are days it would work. There are days when it would not fire at all or be slow.

I feel like this has been asked over and over, but besides waiting for hub 2 with some local processing, does ST have a road map to get hub 1 to fire events consistently.

I really long for the days of a basic zwave local system, that work each and every time, all the time.

But the landscape has changed and it seems cloud connected devices are where all the interesting players are and I don’t think that going to change.

So how to make ST hub 1 reliable, not more reliable is the ask here?



For about three hundred dollars you can pick up an old Mac Mini, a license for Indigo, and a Z-Wave USB stick. Rock solid reliability, and a very capable system. Although no Android mobile app exists (iOS only), you can use something like HAM Bridge to integrate mobile remote control apps like iRule and Tasker (or even SmartThings), and anything that has a local API (Hue, Venstar, etc.).

Universal Devices ISY units (mainly an Insteon player) are also solid, but their Z-Wave integration is slow in coming.

I have moved most of my stuff to the aforementioned Mac Mini setup for the reasons you have cited, and am very happy with it. SmartThings still controls my Z-Wave stuff, and I will wait to see what the V2 Hub will offer before moving the Z-Wave stuff to the Mini.

I agree that an official disclosure from SmartThings, including a clear description of the traffic-born problems of the platform, and their road map for fixing it, is long overdue. And that says to me that they don’t have any answers for us.

That what I had last year. But ST looked interesting that’s why I hopped on. But its the same story with ST. It seems like that’s an issue for them that can not be solved.

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Yeah… me too. But mostly PLM stuff, which had its own list of issues. Ironic that I went looking to SmartThings for better reliability.

Came home from work, iOS presence failed to notice I was home and the dashboard just sits there trying to load.

The dashboard just came up for me and got notified by ST when I was just about to open a ticket… The same thing happened to my wife a couple of days back and she went all panicky… :slight_smile:

My wemo light switches have not been triggering all of a sudden lately. I had them set up to come on and off based on certain times. Not all would trigger correctly and my kitchen light never comes on as it should. I changed all the times to come on and off at separate times to see if that would work and it’s still hit or miss.

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Can we give suggestion on hubs that allow local processing.

I know of the staples connect. But does not seem to be in stock.

Any others?

I really like Staples Connect. Moved everything now from Smartthings mainly because of the issues discussed here, terrible latency and reliability issues. SC has been rock solid, and is very fast. I have a door sensor on a pantry that turns a light on and off when the door opens and closes and it fires quickly and reliably all the time.

Problem with SC is that it is a closed system, no user development available and as a result updates from ZonOff are slow. Supported devices pale in comparison to ST but what is supported works very well.

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Same with my single WeMo switch. It has been intermittent during the last week or two. Oddly enough, my Hues which were terribly unreliable through ST since purchase have been firing accurately around 90% of the time during this same period. I guess it is one or the other within this environment.

Unfortunately my Sonos also stopped providing my morning weather report for seemingly no reason. I had to uninstall eveythhing associated with it and reinstall it to get it operational again in ST.

I’m not blasting ST here as Wink was just as bad with the misfires, and I can do more with ST. It’s just I can’t do it reliably. For this reason I haven’t even bothered adding the app for my wife, and I consider ST in its current state just a toy that I have and not a home automation solution.


Bump for another user fed up with ST’s current state. Poor presence detection, smart apps & events randomly not triggering, and a laggy app.

I sent an email this morning to support…again.

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It would great to have ST comment on any plan to get ST reliable.

I installed the smartthings app on my gf’s phone as when she stays over she leaves after me. It worked for about 2 days and now no longer works when she comes and does. It’s so frustrating to invest so much money into devices only to not have them work as they should. I used to just let her used the little presence device, but I’ve had to change the battery in it 3 times already and I don’t even think I have had my smartthings set up for a year. Really disappointed in the fact we all seem to be a bunch of beta testers for this yet we spend our own money to be a beta tester.

I just ordered a SC. Lets see how that goes.

ST has already announced that the V2 hub, which was demoed at CES 2015 last month, will have some local processing, although we don’t know exactly how much yet. Or exactly when it will be released. But that seems to be their roadmap to better stability.

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Sure, it might be interesting to see what ST has up with V2, but the stability has always been an issue for them. They have not addressed that so far.

I would also agree. “Poor presence detection, smart apps & events randomly not triggering, and a laggy app.” It seems to be getting worse every week. Not sure I can wait for the next hub, that may or may not fix the problems we are all having.


Yeah, I have a smartapp not executing yesterday and the day before.

what is a SC?


Staples Connect hub.