V2 unreliability


I have generally been pleased with SmartThings and its reliability and have even completed installs for my less tech savvy friends. However recently the erratic behavior and general unreliability of the V2 hub has me looking for alternatives.

Routines go from not firing at all causing alarms to go off, lights to not turn on or off to routines firing multiple times. For example this morning the Good Morning routine fired 5 times.

The latest update has broken Sonos Notify and Logitech Harmony control. The IOS app frequently has problems connecting with errors like “can’t load rooms” causing the user to have to force close the app and reopen it.

I don’t think my hub set up is anything extreme, I have of course a ST V2 hub (was also a V1 user), a Hue V2 hub, a Logitech Harmony Home hub, and an Amazon Echo. My devices consist of door sensors, motion sensors, and a door lock.

Is anyone else feeling the same way or am I expecting too much?


Same boat here, Scott. I currently have an open ticket which I have yet to hear back on. My morning routine only fires partially and my “im back” routine is useless with the “Perform when someone arrives” option. Last night ive noticed that i get a “light on” toggle in the app, when in reality the light is turned off. Not sure what has been going on over the last few weeks but it seems like there is a new issue daily for me. All of this has started happening since the update in mid November.

My family is already tired of me tinkering and changing things on a daily basis. Ive been patient and thankful for the online community for workarounds, but for a commercially sold product - I dont see it acceptable.

I feel your pain! But it’s also happening on V1. I refuse to purchase any more devices until I can rely on it working for longer than a day.

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Sadly you are not alone.

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I am very disappointed in the instability, inconsistency and lack of end user support in SmartThings. I have been a loyal supporter for over two years, purchasing and migrating to a V2 hub which I was lead to believe would allow local processing of my Z-Wave devices and APPS. This local processing would eliminate having to depend on outages from my ISP and ST Cloud. Some of my Home Automation events perform critical home security and HVAC/electrical control.

Now I have to deal with weekly SmartThings Cloud outages or my critical routines not firing per a schedule as expected… I have to keep my ISP provider, but I am actively searching for a better Home Automation provider, SmartThings has become DumbThings.

I looking into controlling my Z-Wave devices using a Raspberry Pi (like I do with my Raspberry PI AD2Pi AlarmDecoder) and any programming language like Python.

I’m tired of relying on a vendor who ONLY cares about enticing new unsuspecting customers who want to turn on their living lights with a remote. Anyone with more expectations will soon be disappointed.


To add to this… my system just started triggering off all sensors and set off the alarm. Ive disarmed (SmartAlarm) and the system kept triggering itself. The wife is not happy :rage:

Looks like I will be forced to make a decision and I only have one decision to make - get rid of it.

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It’s weird for me to read all the complaints when my experience has been so different. I don’t use SHM or sunset/sunrise and my time schedules are limited. My expectations are indeed low and I only expect some convenience features and data collection. But the only issues I’ve had in the past month is my own inability to grok adding some custom zigbee devices, and a few slow commands. I can’t remember any commands that just failed.

Just seems like if you avoid SHM and sirens and sunset and sunrise and schedules - should be good to go. Maybe avoid all the features starting with “S”.

If I didn’t use a separate security system then maybe I would require more features, but I’ve learned from the security system maintenance that the internet cannot be integral to reliable security operation. Notification by e-mail SOUNDS cool but it doesn’t work cool 100%.

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It depends what you mean by schedules…but if you’re going to avoid all schedules I’m not sure why you’d want ST to begin with.

Just sayin’…


Well exactly if you only use ST for turning lights on and off it works just fine. The thing is if that’s all I wanted WeMo or something similar would work fine. The point is ST is supposed to do all of the things we are trying to do. My setup is not that extreme, 3 switches, 3 door sensors, 3 motion detectors, Hue and 5 lights, a door lock, and an Amazon Echo that ties in slightly. The routines are a major part of ST and should work.


Internet Rant Warning!

I am alway amazed at those individuals who have invested in high end Home Automation (HA) like SmartThings or equivalent HA vendors and only use the basic capabilities of that investment to perhaps turn on/off a light or an appliance like a coffee maker. Of course those will work 99% of the time and are not critical since you can just walk over and perform the same functions.

Since the 90’s, I have invested in low cost and plug n’ play digital timers, device activated motion detectors and X10 for switches to perform those same basic functions flawlessly. These functions do not really need the internet or an inconsistent HA cloud platform to operate. For example, our Vista 20 alarm system performs 100% perfectly using a in-house proprietary wireless frequency and 4 pair wire system to monitor entrances, windows and motion.

Where Home Automation like SmartThings takes off is implementing “IF THIS THAN THAT (IFTT)” complex multi-device rules, schedules, presence sensing, Geo Fence, automating door lock codes, HVAC (Ecobee), Garage Door Control, Harmony remotes, etc… And this is where being on the bleeding edge with SmartThings is so frustrating, since one comes to expect that the vendor’s HA cloud platform is is STABLE and not the crux of the troubleshooting FALSE POSITIVES (ghosts setting off critical routines, alarms and modes) or FALSE NEGATIVES (ex. The door closes with an Z-Wave open/close detector and the Z-Wave enabled door lock never gets a hub command to lock it).

I am willing to wait out some of ST’s “growing pains” per their current list of major issues (eg. cloud platform instability, non existent chat or email help desk, lack of native support for so many Z-Wave devices, flaky integration with API’s, etc), but I will continue to eliminate my dependance on them as soon as I can find a local means of processing Z-Wave devices, like my other flawless home technologies…

Internet Rant Over!


I have to agree too many issues still after the upgrade to v2. I am hoping that some company can come up with some reliability we can count on at least one run the simple automatic requests. I will not invest one single more dollar until the 60 devices I have become dependable.


New user here, also with a brand new V2 hub not firing events when it should.

I have a VERY simple routine set up.
Light on when “Evening” routine is triggered at 4:30pm
Light off when “Good night” routine is triggered at 10:30pm
Light on when Motion is detected 24/7

Quite often the light does not come on with motion (even tho motion is detected and “on command” sent) and some times the schedule doesn’t work either.

Very frustrating and not conducive to adding more devices.

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Please reach out to support, they can get you sorted out. :smile:

I have problems with lights not turning off after motion stops. 1 light may stay on when other 2 are off.
Presence sensor is a waste of time and it can’t cope with 2 iPhones being used as presence sensors either.
Could be excellent if these minor issues are solved.
It’s stopping me purchasing further components

I wouldn’t consider presence sensors a minor issue…hahaha. A lot of HA (mine anyway) such as SHM, routines set to not run when away (due to the cat triggering motion), etc relies on accurate presence. Which it sometimes is sometimes not. Our phones always know were they are at but it seems the app itself gets stuck. If you log off then back in on the app on ours it reports presence correctly.

I agree with most of you on the fact the system is not reliable enough for certain things so that is why I limit how I rely on the system… In other words, I will not entrust ST to open and close my house when I arrive and leave because I KNOW it will not work reliably 100%. There are lots more things one can automate that will not cause serious trouble if they fail…

Speaking of failed automations, all modifications I do to the house to introduce automation preserve the old fashioned :wink: manual operation so that if ST is down, I am not dead in the water… if the light doesn’t go on via zwave I can always stand up and go push the button. What I absolutely avoid are things like hardwiring a switch controlling a light fixture with a Hue light to ON so that the bulb can only be controlled via the automation system (some do this to avoid the switch being turned OFF which would prevent you from controlling the Hue light). In such a scenario, if the automation is not working properly (ring a bell anyone??) you cannot turn on/off your light! Due to this issue, I do not use remotely controllable light bulbs (other than Hue for their color) but rather install in-wall zwave dimmers. This is a simple example but I have seen use cases where the things brave people have automated simply do not work if the automation system is down and that is not acceptable to me.

I too was under the impression that Hub v2 (migration took over 1 month due to issues!) would remove the cloud from the equation for the most part but I do not think that has actually happened yet. I wonder if it will ever happen… I can see the benefit of the cloud for administration of the devices, programming, etc but once the automation is defined it should be downloaded to the device for reliable local execution but I do not think that is the case, or at least it doesn’t seem like it.

Before I get off my soap box, a word in defense of ST… We are all great at complaining but at times we should consider whether our automation is too audacious and it may be failing due to inappropriate automation logic. I read with interest what the community does in search for ideas to replicate but I often find myself wondering how something could possibly work reliably the way it was implemented or conceived. I am not saying the comments in this thread are unjustified but I would encourage us all to fully evaluate whether it is one of the many platform issues or just unrealistic automation expectations… I am sure we all have them :wink:

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I think a lot of people were expecting a LOT more from local processing. Unfortunately, you only get local processing for apps if the app and all devices associated with it are on the SmartThings approved list. If even one device is not then it is all run over the cloud. To see what apps run locally you can go to:



@xavier999 - Thanks for the info! No wonder it looks like I have nothing running locally… I don’t! My list is blank and that is very disappointing. I have 70 devices and a few more to come online in the next few days so the chances of them all being on the approved list are slim. Do you know how I can find out which devices and apps are preventing me from taking advantage of local processing?

The community-created wiki includes the links for both which smart apps are eligible to run locally and which devices are eligible to run locally in your own account.

In order for something to run locally all of the devices used by it must be eligible to run locally and the smartapp itself.

So when you check the device link you will see which devices you have that are eligible. Anything not on that list is not eligible and will prevent even eligible smart apps from running locally.


It is supposed to run like that, but unfortunately it doesn’t always seem to work. For example, my switch for my front yard lights is listed as a local device on the list at https://graph.api.smartthings.com/localDevice/list. Using the Smart Lighting app I have it turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. There are no other devices involved for this child app, yet it does not run locally. Same thing with my back porch light. I tried to work with SmartThings support to get it resolved, but after having to wait days between each reply it finally got to the point it wasn’t worth the time. The support tech was nice, but never really seemed to grasp the issue.