Slow response time

(Longhorn84) #1

I installed ST at a coworkers house last week. At first the hub was having trouble connecting to some of the devices in the house so I bought a wifi repeater with an ethernet port and put it closer to the items. It worked when I left his house. Now he says there is a 5-10 second delay when turning on lights or setting the dim % on lights. Is this normal? My house is usually almost instant.

(Longhorn84) #2

bump, anyone else have a delay on their devices?

(Daniel Andoni) #3

I am new to ST but I notice a delay in my IFFT actions, which I think makes it unusable, Should the hub be connected directly to the router? Well using a switch slow down response time?

(Jacob Willett) #4

I also see a huge delay sometimes. I have my hub connected directly to my router and it sits about 2 feet away. Not the best location, but it can’t go anywhere else. I just assumed that this is the speed that you get when you don’t want to spend the big bucks. It’s appears that it has to send out z-wave signals one at a time and if one is not received it tries again.