Extremely delays in response from Smart Things

So for the last couple of months or so I’ve been having huge issues with delays and unresponsiveness from SmartThings. I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions on what I might do to fix this. In some cases I’ll request an action via a voice command through Google Assistant… something as simple as turn on a light. And it’ll take anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes to respond. Often I’ll open up the app on my phone and try to do it from there and I keep getting and error message saying there is a network error.

If I power cycle my hub, then I’ll often get speedier response initially, but after a few minutes I’ll start getting extreme delays again.

I had a number of issues going on during this time and as I solved them one by one I was hoping that it would fix this issue, but I’m still running into this. It’s becoming exceedingly frustrating, made more so because sometimes it works great, but most of the time it doesn’t.

Right now my hub is wired directly to my router (no switched/hubs in between). It’s a Version 2 hub, I’m running Xfinity internet, brand new router (as of one week ago). I’ve swapped out the ethernet cable as well on the off change something was bad with that.

it most likely has something to do with the communication between google and ST backend servers. if other devices are quick to respond on ST itself then its most likely not ST itself.

It’s not just making requests from Google though. If I try from the app I get huge delays and/or “Network Problems” too.