Slow for the last 3-4 days? WebCoRE or ST issue?

I’ve been seeing a lot of weird behavior for the last 3-4 days. I’m unable to determine if its a smartthings issue or something else, perhaps webcore?

Symptoms are unusually long reactions to motion events. I’m not sure if this is st or webcore, but we’re talking 10seconds or so for lights to come on after motion. The other symptom I noticed definitively last night is that mode changed in ST as it should have, but WebCoRE was never notified, so my corresponding piston didn’t fire.

Anybody else seeing anything like this?

Well, for me motion events don’t turn the lights on… while the motion event is triggered and the lights can be turned on from the app. This is for CoRe and for Smart lightning, 5 diffrent motion sensors and lights :frowning:
and a virtual on/off switch isn’t making my rollershutters go up/down. All worked perfect for years, dunno whats happening…

Yeah I just confirmed once again that motion events are being randomly dropped somewhere and never getting to WebCoRE. Looked at the IDE and I see a, but nothing in the webcore logs. I see the subsequent inactive but no active.

Samsung have left this like this broken for days now? Unbelievably lame. Time to fire up the hubitat I have sitting here…

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thought we were the only one having issues, but i see everyone has the issue it’s not working:

the last 2-3 weekdays I have noticed a few real Centralite motion sensor ACTIVE caught by Webcore, then subsequent INACTIVE is NOT-caught-OR-NOT-SENT by/to Webcore. This miss, latches on virtual occupancy devices so I noticed.

I cannot tell who dropped what, but ST recorded the subsequent INACTIVE in its notification log, because it happened at a normally-unoccupied time.

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I’ve seen this exact same behavior as well… or actually in the cases I noticed, the other way around, the active isn’t caught but I see the subsequent in-active. These are largely iris sensors but I have a few other zigbee motion sensors as well.

I’ve also seen mode changes dropped. Mode changes to “present” in ST, but the mode event never makes it to WebCoRE.