SmartThings Status says operational, but something is slow

In the last two days I have noticed a huge slowdown in cloud processing. I open a door and it takes sometimes 20 seconds to 5 minutes before I get a voice prompt from Big Talker. I even notice it with CoRE and WebCoRE. Anyone else seeing this?

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Thanks for that, why doesn’t SmartThings list in on the status page? That is a rhetorical question!

Don’t know, but the community has listed it in First Bug Reports in the community-created wiki. :wink:

I only noticed this the last number of days. Didn’t have it with the beta firmware, so I am not so sure it isn’t a cloud issue.

Yep especialy with a door sensor and hue light and also some notifications

@joelw135 feel free to ping me, I would like to track down where this latency is coming from

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