Hub Firmware Release Notes 27.9

Putting this here because it was incorrectly added onto a previous release thread. And it looks like there’s going to be a lot of feedback on this one.

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Thanks @JDRoberts for starting a new thread for 27.9.
I don’t understand why you had to do this and why SmartThings staff didn’t though :thinking:


I’m continuing here. Last night my hub dropped all my xiaomi sensors (motion, open/close, flood. They do not work anymore. Noticed that hub version is now: 000.027.00009. Last updated: 2019-09-18.
So it seems that hub update did this. Seems …stupid… I’m frustrated.

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My MQTT bridge still does not work.
Is there any way to return to whatever we had before 27.6?

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ONE of mtkb sockes is playing up

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Tagging @Brad_ST

i’ve been seeing a handful of missed automations, and a lot of missed button events and their respective automations. It’s been going at least 2-3 days now. Not sure if its hub related or platform related,


Sorta a newbie here…trying to peer through the fog.
My hub is 6 months old; but, I cannot see how to determine which ‘version’ it is. There is nothing marked on the hub.

Second, I have auto update selected but, I see that the firmware version listed is: 027.00009 So, how does auto update help me if this is the result. And, how do I force the update?
Thanks so much!

IDE logs still show the following error:

error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: .

Something on the ST side is eating cycles.


LOL, ST hasn’t updated their support page to reflect 27.9 is out

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You are correct that your firmware level is Firmware 000.027.00009. It was just released yesterday and it is the latest version. You can neither force nor avoid updates. I think the auto-update setting you’re seeing is probably related to Zigbee devices.

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And here we go again. Spent whole day getting my xiaomi sensors and hue back on business. Now 2h ago all xiaomis are offline and hue is not responding anymore. This is so weird that makes me wonder is there something going on with ST hub zigbee which causes interference to the light zigbee in Hue. Otherwise I do not understand how ST and Hue problems start exactly same time. But thanks anyway for the great update.!!!

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What Zigbee channels are the two controllers on? You can find the one for the hue bridge in the hue app under settings for the bridge. It’s very easy to change the channel there if you want to.

You can see the Zigbee channel for your smartthings hub in the IDE, but you cannot change it.

Im fu**** losing my mind. Pardon my language. I’m usually calm and act like adult but now…
ST just made catchcall with motion sensors…one by one…
Same thing with flood sensors and open close sensors. Now there is only one flood sensor which seems to be offline. ST zigbee channel is 19 and Hue…do not know before hue update stops.

It seems like there might be buggy update pushed out from Smartthings and Hue, both.

That would be unbelievable coincidence that those two managed to publish buggy update at the same time. Could that be the reason for my weird problems…

Could be. In addition to the Hue update, here’s some additional information regarding the current ST issues:

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It looks like when my SmartThings Hub (2018) updated to firmware 27.9 yesterday that all of my zigbee devices are no longer online. I have removed the devices and tried to re-add them which has proved less than successful. I had one zigbee bulb connect during the discovery process but almost immediately go to an offline state.

Is there somewhere that we should logging these sort of incidents? Is there a feed somewhere that will notify us when new firmware versions are released?

Definitely report them to support.