Sliding patio door lock

Here’s some details on my implementation:

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Have you ever heard of the HiTech Pet electronic dog door. We have one of these doors for our Golden Retriever, and we love it! It’s just like living on the Space Ship Enterprise.
Check this out.

There are a number of electronic pet doors on the market, but as far as I know, the only two that are easily integrated with smartthings are the petsafe zigbee model:


And the Easy Out dog crate door lock, which is based on a WeMo Wi-Fi device.

Manufacturer website:

Both of those are basically just automatic locks, though.

There are also a couple of do it yourself projects described on the quick browse list for “animals“ in the community – created wiki.

Have you integrated the HiTech door with SmartThings, and if so, how? :sunglasses:

Locksmith here been trying to solve this issue for a while now… think i found a device that solves everyones issue in an affordable manner. Surface mount, battery powered, minimal drilling into anything. use longer screws on the strike, and if you wanna go crazy, use thru-bolts instead of screws/adhesive on actual door. i would suggest buying an extra remote or ten in case company doesn’t last though…

(careful, below is me going overboard)
but reversing direction by mounting strike on sliding door with some kind of homemade wood bracket, you could hardwire the motor to momentary keyed switch on outside and PTE device of some kind on the inside. go crazy… use an arcade button light switch from amazon! have fun


I didn’t know you were on here! Was trying to find a cool way to secure my back door and you show up! Goober!

i just recently submitted a patent for a smart sliding glass door lock kit.

Please keep us posted. I would love one for a Pella branded slider.

I just got my patent filed and confirmed by USPTO. i am not sure about the rules of advertising here but don’t want to break them. is it ok to give a link to my web site or ebay listing (will be listed tomorrow)? it’s 9 pieces and i’m selling it for $199.

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it’s for sale on ebay. i would post the link but don’t want to violate any advertising rules.

details on my site
comments and suggestions are welcome.

Do you have any videos of this lock in action? Im very interested in this setup.

What a great idea. I looked at your site and photos. My lock and available power are both on same side of door making this much easier from a wire routing standpoint. The bad news is that with the lock on the left if I still had vertical blinds there’s no hiding the unit, and I’ve no power on the side where the fixed pane is. (Verticals eaten by dog and never replaced)

I have a suggestion for you, that you actively seek installed locks pictures with manufacturer of door included. All the major doors are a bit different. My particular door is made by Milgard. This door has vinyl frame and that frame is a hair over a half inch wide. The moveable part aka door is nearly 3 inches all around. The narrowness of the frame precludes using it. In my area (a Sun City Pulte development)built starting in early 2000s there are literally thousands of homes with Milgard sliders.

I’m really interested in this implementation. We’ve discussed the idea at neighborhood watch meetings (yours and some other more kludgy options). Crime is rising and this is a fairly upscale retirement area. Lots of older folks who don’t realize we don’t live in the 50s suburbs anymore where doors weren’t locked.

A bit expensive but I came across this today.

Autoslide iLock - Automatic Sliding Doors

Their “mobility” option which can actually open and close the doors, not just unlock/lock, is at the low-end of the cost range for those devices at around $500 per door including a button remote. Some people have integrated them with SmartThings by adding a Mimolite relay. That’s actually the way the company recommends to get Alexa control.

i use Command Lock

Anyone have any tips on reducing the high pitch wine on these electronic door strikes when they are engaged?