Slack channel for community discussions

(Carlos Lebreiro) #81

me too…

(Andy Hawks) #82

Me too, thx!

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #83

I sure would like to join!

(Jody) #84

@cafl @andyhawks @bamarayne I have invited you

(Carlos Lebreiro) #85

I’ve accepted it, thanks

(Andy Hawks) #86

likewise, thank you @jody.albritton!

(Ryan S.) #87

@jody.albritton I would like to join if possible. Thanks!

(Dicky Moore) #88

Hello. Please can somebody invite me? Thanks

(vlad) #89

@rfs and @dickymoore sent out invites. Apologies for the delay.

(Brian S. Lowrance) #90

Trying again, me too please

(vlad) #91

An invitation was sent out in August to the same email thats used for these forums - I just revoked the old invite and sent out a new one, let me know if that doesn’t work or maybe it went to spam or something? Either way let me know if you didn’t get it and we can figure out how to get you in here.

(Brian S. Lowrance) #92

Thanks. I’m in now.

(Aaron) #93

I’d appreciate an invite as well. please send it to:-----------------------

(vlad) #94

Invite sent and edited your post just to be safe.

(Aaron) #95

thanks! :+1:

(Peter Richardson) #96

Very late to the party , but if there’s still a chance


Community DTH dev here, are invites still available?

(Rob) #98

if invites are still being sent can I get an invite please.


Please send me an invite if available, thank you!


If the channel is still active, I’ll take an invite as well. Thanks!