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Slack channel for community discussions

(vlad) #101

Sorry for the delay - was out of the country for work for the last couple of weeks and didn’t check forums. Should be caught up now.

(Bob Kerr) #102

Can I get an invite, please?

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(Mikehole) #103

Can I please have an invite. Always find slack is a good way to communicate.

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(Luis) #104

May I ask you for an invitation to the slack channel? Thanks!

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(Jamie Murphy) #105

Id like an invite too please

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(Jamie Murphy) #106

@vlad can i get an invite?

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(Carlos Eduardo Piveta De Oliveira) #107

Hey!! Can I get an invite, please?

(Eric Wright) #108

@vlad please toss me an invite as well. I was on there before, but got a new phone. Now it tells me “your workspace admin needs to enable SSO for your account”

(Jon Porter) #109

@vlad could I get an invite when you get the chance please?


As a SW developer, I would be interested to join too …

(Deviprasad) #111

Please add me to the slack channel

(Oliver Spryn) #112

@jody.albritton or @Tyler or @vlad Since I am a ST developer, I would also appreciate an invite. Would any of you mind sharing? Thank you.

(Jody) #113

All caught up on the invites!

(Oliver Spryn) #114

Thank you kindly.

(Tim) #115

I’d like an invite please

(Jody) #116

Looks like an invite was already sent @Timeteo