Skype/Slack Group Chat

(Greg) #1

This has been quite successful for me on other forums (SEO, Raspberry Pi etc) so I was wondering if anyone from the UK would be interested.

Quite simply just a Skype group chat where everyone can talk about UK ST related subjects, be it very quick questions, wanting help with a project or for collaboration.

Forums are great for sharing detailed information, and sharing helpful tips, however they’re not so great for quick questions, and repeated questions from new users. They get very full, very quick

If anyone wants to join, drop your Skype ID below and I’ll add you in.
Some users are saying Slack is also a great tool. Vote below and add your username and we can get this started


slack is another useful tool for this kind of stuff.

(Greg) #3

Yep, however Slack is more project management like HipChat. I just chose Skype as I would imagine most users here have Skype over Slack


I vote slack, its a great way for groups to work together


Skype is widely used alright!

(Glenn Smith) #6

I’m more likely to be on slack than Skype, but I use both. Prefer slack as you can customise notifications on a team level.

(Greg) #7


I’ve made a Slack group chat for anyone interested:

(Tim Slagle) #8

If you’re a developer we already have a slack:)

Just have to ask for an invite. :slightly_smiling:

Also, for anyone arriving here “” is not owned or managed by SmartThings.

(Glenn Smith) #10

Maybe there is demand for a UK channel on the current service.