Skybell Problem

My Skybell had been working flawless even when others had problems & now I guess it is my turn. Skybell went offline 2-3 weeks ago & for the life of me I can not get it reconnected.
Have deleted it from my IDE & made sure it is of Smartthings.
It is flashing a red orange color & when I hold the button in it goes to flashing green. I then start the add new skybell on my phone & skybell starts flashing red & green. Go through the setup steps tap Skybell in the wireless connections ,Skybell connects but no internet. Wi-Fi Ext is 2’ away from the bell. I did get it one time to allow me to select my wifi connection & password but it never connected. Anyone else having problems?
Guess maybe time to call customer service?
Thanks Mike

check to see if its powered, my bell which dies had a battery (which they have built in) expand which actually pushed it off its contacts

Mine is hard wired to 12v