SkyBell offline only in ST

Ive had Skybell connected to ST since Xmas but have not yet utilized ant ST functionality. However it seams most of the time to show offline only in ST. However if you go to recently tab in ST it is taking a snapshot every five minutes even when it says offline. Just now I went to Recently Tab to check and all of the sudden the doorbell came online. To be clear it is not showing offline in the Skybell app. That is working fine.

Yup same here. Been a few days now

Mine has always shown Offline for as long as I can remember and I’ve had it connected for months. I use the Skybell app to interact with it so I haven’t paid much attention as it keeps taking pics at 5 minute intervals.

Mine had been showing as offline and had multiple other problems in ST such as no button presses or motion was showing up in the “recently” log, and changes made to the configurations were not saving. Then I removed the device from ST and connected it again through the SmartApp and now it shows up as online. Also I think some of my problems in ST were due to the fact that I renamed the device in ST. Best to just keep the name of the device exactly the same name that it pulls in from the ST app.