SkyBell HD Issues after ST Integration

Hi All,

I’ve had my ST hub for a few months now and love it. I’m buying new devices little by little (expensive!) and my most recent addition was the Skybell when I found it on sale for $139.99.

I hooked it up and it was working OK, but as soon as I added it to ST I was unable to make any changes in the SkyBell app and the live feed was hit or miss. Anyone else having any issues with this setup?

The device seems to be broken. Changes made in the skybell app do not show in ST.

The Skybell app and the smart things integrations are not the same. The smart things app is not a replacement for the skybell app. If you’re experiencing any issues with the integration, you can email and we’ll work with smart things to fix it.

I understand that Andrew. I wasn’t trying to replace the SkyBell app with the ST app after integrating it. What I did expect was the ability to make the same changes within the SB app as I could before I added it to ST. I cannot. I tried changing settings in the SB app and kept getting errors that I didn’t get before the ST integration. For instance changing the motion detection sensitivity in the SB app wouldn’t work after integrating with ST Hub. As soon as I deleted it from ST everything worked again. Although I will say the live feed takes forever to come up hen someone rings my bell. I’m not giving up yet though.

Just out of curiosity, why would you not want to make the integration seamless? If I turn off the indoor chime in the Skybell app, why would I not want that to show up in the Smartthings device status?

And, I have to agree with Steven that the live feed takes forever to show up whether someone rings the bell or I try to watch on demand. This is not a speed or connection issue. It is also not a power issue as I changed the transformer and have checked the voltages.

Yes Brian I am 100% confident its not a speed or connection issue on my end either. I’m in the IT field and work from home a lot so I have a 150/150 connection at my house. Ive done testing at home mostly and that’s where Ive been having issues with the speed in which the feed comes up. I could understand if I was in the middle of Acadia national park in northern Maine on a 3g signal, but at home on WiFi on a high end Samsung smartphone it shouldn’t be an issue.

I have noticed that the speed is more of an issue when I am on my home wifi than when I am out on LTE (the video comes up faster on cell network). That said, even the LTE video is quite slow to populate. Although I have a stucco and stone front entrance, I have a Unifi AC-Pro access point just inside the wall from the doorbell. The door bell has >90% signal on a 300/40 internet connection. The video should come up instantly on the home wifi and be relatively fast on LTE. I also notice that the door bell notification is lagged and videos in the Skybell app are painfully slow to populate in the list.

I would not be surprised if the video has to go from the camera to a remote server and then back to be viewed. Thus, the video feed would rely heavily on the Skybell servers. I would like an option to just store the videos on my own server and take Skybell out of the equation.

Off topic, but the unifi stuff is awesome. I will never go back to consumer equipment.