SkyBell Support and Customer Service Stinks!

2 Days of sending emails, calling and sitting on hold then being dumped to voicemail with no call backs, no return emails nothing…

New SkyBell HD Trim Plus motion detector doesn’t work. Anybody else have an issue with this and know a fix, or possibly how to actually get SB to respond to anything??

You know this is a forum for SmartThings, not skybell, right?

You know Skybell integrates with SmartThings right?

Try their twitter feed maybe. Sometimes public complaints get the right person’s attention within a company.

Did that, no response.


Not sure anyone here has any back channel #s to skybell or anything. But good luck.

Maybe @SkyBell-Support or @SkyBellAndrew or @sam_skybell Still come here?

Does not matter that integrate with ST. Their CS does not read this forum. ST CS doesn’t even read the forum.

A condescending attitude does not garner help. Was that spelled out simple enough?

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I just bought skybell trim HD and 3 days it has worked perfect so far. I’m pretty sure you went through all the settings? Live camera, doorbell chime, and notifications work for you? You can set sensitivities for Motion detection in the skybell app. Maybe the device you got is defective, you have a 30 day return policy

Does it at least turn on if you connect it via usb port > connected to wall outlet?

If it doesnt maybe a defective unit.

Can you post pics of your current doorbell wiring at your door?

Nevermind it seems from the post it is working except for motion detection.

Send it in, sounds defective since motion detection works out of the box provided it’s set to enabled/on through Skybell app.

My skybell stopped working for motion/button press with Smartthings after my smartthings hub firmware update A couple weeks back. It shows online still just wont detect anything. Dont know who to contact. Most of the time companies get into a finger pointing contest with situations like this.

Ifttt integration is spotty but works sometimes. I dont think you can have a light turn off after motion with ifttt though.

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Same here. Only since last firmware update.

Same here. Motion events not working.

FYI for anyone watching this topic, the issue has been resolved by SmartThings as of today!

I’m now having this exact issue almost 2 years later. Anyone else experiencing the same? Events are not being created in smartthings when motion or button press by Skybell.