Removal of SkyBell Doorbell

Trying to remove SkyBell Doorbell from Smartthings & have followed these steps
To remove the Skybell (Connect) SmartApp and disconnect your Skybell doorbell(s):

Tap Automations
Tap SmartApps
Tap Skybell (Connect)
Tap Remove
Confirm removal
When I do this I get an error message
An unexpected error occurred
Then when I hit the done button I get
Error saving page
I would like to reinstall Skybell into Smartthings But it will not let me
Anyone have the answer or help with this?
Thanks Mike

I’m having the same issue, unable to remove the SkyBell App.

Additionally, after connecting my SkyBell to SmartThings, I no longer get notifications from the SkyBell app about motion detection. Anyone else face this issue?

try removing from the smartthings IDE login page/ MyHubs/ click your hub name/ installedSmartaps/ Edit/ pick Skybell/ DELETE

try removing from the smartthings IDE login page/ My Hubs/ click your hub name/ installed Smart apps/ Edit/ pick Skybell/ DELETE
Tried did not work

Called support & they were able to figure out what was wrong & then was able to delete Skybell & reinstall.
Short answer on problem, one of my Smart Apps that Skybell was tied to keep polling the doorbell causing not to be removed. Deleted Smart apps it was tied to & removal worked.