Skybell Motion not detecting in Smartthings


My skybell worked fine until recently. may be 3 to 4 weeks back. i created smartlights to trigger porch lights when motion detected by skybell. it is use work very well till recently. now i am not able to turn on lights when motion detected. i am getting push notification on skybell app that motion detected but not on smartthings app.

I deleted from smartthing and re added it. it is still not working

Does anyone having this issue.


I now have a similar problem, having replaced my existing Skybell which had died.

Emailed Skybell Support and they told me the Skybell/Smartthings integration is broken and blamed Smartthings.

I tried using IFTTT to connect the two and it works - with a 20 minute delay! Which basically makes my Skybell totally useless!

The Skybell WEB Site still advertises the Smartthing integration which is pretty poor in my view.

Please let me know if you find a way around this.



Knock on wood mine works, skybell HD. I use smart lighting to turn on the front porch light with motion.

I have the same issue.

SmartThings detects the SkyBell and installs the SmartThings device handler.

None of the integration between SkyBell and SmartThings work. No motion alerts or button presses are passed through from SkyBell to SmartThings.

I contact SkyBell they say it is an issue with SmartThings.

I contact SmartThings - they thanked me for my new feature request ! They were not even aware SmartThings had an integration for SkyBell.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problems ? Does anyone have the ability to contact someone in SkyBell or SmartThings who cares ?

Thanks in advance

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I have the same problem here. Skybell says they have an issue in the integration with smartthings. Skybell support have told me that they don’t know when there are going to release a fix for this… I was using this feature to trigger an alarm when the botton was pressed (mechanical bell sounds too l
soft for me)

Now SkyBell has been entirely removed from the supported devices list in SmartThings. I contacted both Samsung and SkyBell, and they both blame each other. In fact, SkyBell customer service told me they’re going to sit and wait for Samsung, Google, and Amazon to decide to resume support for SkyBell integration. That makes no sense; I’m pretty sure each device manufacturer creates and supports its own 3rd party integrations.

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Any news on this? I just noticed my Skybell shows as offline and in the Skybell app it says there are no integrations. I’m afraid to troubleshoot and remove it since I don’t seem to be able to re-add it.
Also Skybell’s site still shows smarttthings as a partner… That just seems wrong at this point.