Skybell HD Video Doorbell $139

Skybell HD Video Doorbell $139
use coupon code: EARLYBIRD60
on skybell website
hope it saves some money for some of you!


Well, that solves it! I was considering Ring Pro, but even at $199 with the discount code was hesitant to pull the trigger.

thanks ! just picked one up ! didnt really like ring’s bind to a service. and this one much smaller

Thanks also from my wife & I, just picked one up also.

I hope someone can help since there isn’t enough time. Please give me reason why this over ring pro or regular ring. I was about to pick the regular ring for $125 at best buy.

From the articles, the video on this one is better while the speaker and motion sensor on the Ring is better.

For me, the reason I’ll go with this one over the Ring is simply due to pricing structure. Live Video is free regardless, but if you want to revisit pics / video taken then it’s a monthly charge with Ring whereas you get a week’s storage for free with Skybell (you can save one locally if it’s important). I’m someone who absolutely abhors monthly fees so I won’t even consider a Ring because of this.

Again as stated earlier FREE STORAGE. If something is important download & save to file or SD card.

free storage is the great thing for me and the smaller footprint. ive always found the ring doorbell to be quite large for what it is.

Thank you and your Shadow from 1999.

This is perfect I will be picking this up when I get home.

Again thank you

Do they ship to Canada?

I got in on this too, thanks op.

I just installed mine a couple of days ago and the resolution is amazing for a doorbell camera. The android app need some work, the live feed is a bit slow to show the video.

Does the ST integration allow you to view the video and take picture in the device tile? I can take picture but I don’t see it showing up in the ST app.

I am still so tempted to jump on this! Deal is still available

this may be a stupid question but which power did u guys turn off? Lol not sure which one turns off the doorbell xD or did u guys not turn it off to install

Still debating vs ring pro…

It really depends what circuit your doorbell is installed on. In MOST cases… note I said MOST, you need to double check, but in MOST cases it’s wired to the same circuit as the furnace. Sometimes it’s not, but that’s where I see it MOST, NOT ALWAYS…(It’s a pretty simple test, flip the power switch off on your furnace, and test the original doorbell.

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thanks for tip

Yeah. Me too. I was so disappointed with the lack of deals on Cyber Monday, that when I saw this deal, I impulsively hit the Buy button…

video is still captured in the Skybell App (pushing the record button in the ST App triggers record to Skybell app/servers.)
Pictures are supposed to save to your mobile device’s camera roll/gallery…

make sure you have at least 1.5mb/sec upload so the camera will connect. I bought one & installed it yesterday & spent the lass 20 hrs. trying to get it connected. Finally called my IP & upgraded my service so Skybell will work.