Ring Doorbell 2 HD Monitoring w/ Chime Pro: $159.95 at QVC

I stumbled across this deal at QVC. Ring 2 HD with Chime Pro for $160, free standard shipping. There IS sales tax. You can also save $5 if it is your first time ordering from QVC. This is the 2 HD version, but not the Pro, just very similar. Ring 2 HD can be wireless or wired. Pro is hardwired only. 2HD uses PIR, Pro uses video and has “zones”. 2HD is 2.4gz, Pro can be either 2.4 or 5gz.
With the included Chime pro, ($50 separately) this appears to be a good deal! http://www.qvc.com/All-New-Ring-Video-Doorbell-2-HD-Monitoring-w-Chime-Pro%2C-%26-3yr-Warranty.product.E231300.html

helps if you post the link :slight_smile:

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I have the ring pro biggest thing I dont like is there is no option to turn off the ir night vision. I have motion sensor flood lights and the regular camera gives a better picture.
Co workers have the skybell by honeywell and it has no monthly fees and the picture at night looks better.

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Thought I did…lol

Similar offer with standard chime on Costco, members only.


In for one… selling the extender will hopefully drop it close to the $99 deal for the original Ring. At least the wife approves of that logic anyway :slight_smile:

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I pickup 2 of them since my home has 2 story with top and bottom dorrs. I like this set ether than others. 1 is conect ed to doorbell and up stairs has no existing doirbell. So that way only 1 had to be charged. Since I got 2 it came with 2 extra chime so I conect ed both to upstairs but chi m s up and down. I did think Ring worked with STS and alexa but nothing . CS said there trying does anyone know what there doing. I’m 11,000 ft in the mtns above Denver so they work good.

Just add a “thing” manually, and choose doorbell, it is in the list.