Ring Doorbell Pro sale $185.40 + s/h

On sate at Amazon, $185.40 instead of $249



The boss/wife spent $150 on a purse yesterday. (Side note: I’ve had the same wallet for 30 years, it still works and fits my butt perfect.)
I"m thinking that gives me the OK to buy this new gadget! I’ve got that Amazon page open in a browser tab & just can’t decide if I should hit that buy now with 1 click button. Somebody help me!


No hesitation then! just click :wink:

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You convinced me. I’m easy. If I get in trouble, it’s all your fault! :grin:

My plan is to get the 'Ring" app on my $24 deal Fire tablet along with my other stuff. Would like to have a decicated live view on the Fire tablet next to my TV chair & on the bed stand. Looking for some hints.

! And I thought my $29 one was a steal.

FRY’s Electronics has it on sale for 179 no s+h today. Here is current promo code. 4291519

Have the link to share for everybody?
I could only find the old Ring Bell.

After all, the purse is just for her, the doorbell will benefit both of you… see how nice you are suddenly? lol

FRYS.COM and search for 8406758 8406768 8406778 8406788… it is the older model.

The old model is very different from the new one, image quality with the new one is way better.
Advance Motion detector, 720p vs 1080p etc…
I would not consider the old one unless you really need battery power.

Found that on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6g6-Fagla8

Your call to make. I have been running the old model for months and I’m very happy with it. New is not always better unless you depend on the features added.

Great minds (???) think alike . I have 3 of the Fire tablet set up running my outside cameras 24/7. 1 next to the couch, one on night stand and one in the kitchen ( above the one running smart tiles ) . Only issue is the 6" tablet is no good for more than 4 cameras, then again it is unlikely somebody is going to come at the house through the back yard. I can see if/who pulls into the driveway, is on the porch or at the door.

Who needs a doorbell ?? We have dogs that let us know you’re here long before you get to the door.

The seller is not Amazon and plus there is a shipping fee…

Please look at the seller’s review.


I agree with @vicjagsingh . I think you’re better off paying the extra $11 to buy the Amazon sold one.

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Well I learned a $190 lesson today. That company is a fraud. I never new some sellers on Amazon could rob you like that. Just emailed Amazon about the problem, hopefully I will get some money back. :sob:

My Saturday project was gonna be installing that doorbell. Now it looks like I’ll just watch football & drink some beer.:beers:

Oh gosh what happened? I’ll remove the link in the initial post…
You should be covered with Amazon…
Please let us know

After reading about 10 seller reviews on Amazon, it looks like the “company” just sends every order to some place in Alabama.

Edit: It looks like there’s 2 new sellers for the Ring Pro on Amazon. About the same $190 price & they have no seller reviews. I bet it’s the same “company” & they just changed their name.

2nd edit: That was fast! It only took Amazon 1 hour to approve & refund my money.

I’m glad you got the refund, I felt bad because I was the one to share this too good to be true deal…

But what happened? They didn’t ship? They sent you a message or anything?

Everything’s good! :grinning: I got my money back and learned a lesson. I’m thinking that because Amazon approved the refund so fast, that they were already looking into this seller. About 10 seller reviews claiming they never got it in the last 3 days. The UPS tracking numbers are fake or something & said my Ring was delivered yesterday in Birmingham, AL. I’m 1000 miles away.

Just gonna spend a little more money & reorder it from one of the reputable sellers, not one of the 2 new sellers offering the same $190 deal. But dang it! I wanted it today! :sob:

This is why I only buy from Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon. If you need help I find they just make it right. I find its often a little more than buying direct from a third party but I’ve had enough goofs in orders that the peace of mind is worth it.

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