Warning Skybell users!

I was having problems with my Skybell integration. So I removed it… It’s been a long time since I had something listening to the door bell button… So maybe if you have the Skybell integration it’s broken anyway? But if you remove it, you can’t go to smart apps (in the IDE) and re-add. It’s gone. In the new mobile app the installed integration shows up under settings, linked services.

I emailed Skybell:
Hello Brian,

Thank you for contacting SkyBell Technical Support.

At the moment, SkyBell is only able to integrate with IFTTT which you can access and set up through the My Account tab within the SkyBell app.

IFTTT integration was always TERRIBLE. I tried it to confirm. The alert takes way too long. It’s pretty useless.

I liked Skybell because there was no subscription which ironically is why they are probably almost dead (no recurring revenue stream).

It seems like Ring is the winner… Sadly with subscriptions… For a door bell? Ewww.

If it is a custom app and is listed in linked services, it should still appear in IDE under smartapps unless you are logging into an old URL. The best URL to use is https://account.smartthings.com.

Now, let’s check one more place… in the ST app, click on the Automations tab then click the + in the upper right of the screen and select Add Routine, on the next screen scroll down to find custom smartapps and see if sky bell is listed there.

But unsure by your description if you removed the linked service or the skybell device.

I removed the linked service… I did not think about it not existing anymore :upside_down_face:

Try Blink’s new doorbell? It comes with a sync module 2 and you can offload clips to a usb stick.