Skybell different version questions (, Honeywell, Slim, Trim, HD....)

From what I see online, the Skybell Slim version sold by WON’T work with SmartThings (different firmware).

Does anyone know about the Honeywell branded Skybell Slim? It looks slightly different than the one.

And for that matter, what about the Skybell HD?

Very confusing, it looks like Skybell sold out to Honeywell and they produce an installer version of the Slim for Skybell’s website doesn’t list the new slim but Honeywell security does, calling it the “Trim”.

Anyone that can shed light on what will and won’t work will be appreciated.

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Well, one determination:

Honeywell branded Skybell HD WILL work with SmartThings. Works with both the SmartThings app and the Skybell HD app (did not try the Honeywell security app).

Should have been a 5 minute install except they didn’t include any of those thin wires or connectors shown in the install video. Getting it to sit correctly and be able to screw in the set screw with existing wires was hard. I don’t have a digital chime so no issue there. Video quality is OK. My biggest problem is it sits next to a perpendicular “wall” (actually the door is inset about a foot from the front of the house). At night, when you view the live feed it turns the LED on bright white. The light is brightest against this “wall” and the camera focuses on that washing out the street (about 100 feet away). If my front door lights are on then no issue. I’ll just have to make a rule in Webcore that with a button press to turn on the lights for X minutes.

I am curious about the Skybell. Their website doesn’t show any of the slim versions.

Would you recommend the Honeywell slimline version on Amazon or the version on Amazon?
Is it compatible with Amazon Alexa? If so, what does it do with Alexa?
Is the slimline version better than the larger round version?

I just found this on Amazon’s description for the slimline verion:

Can ONLY be used with app (subscription required)

That’s rather limiting. So I guess that limits the choices to the round one or the Honeywell slim.

Honestly, I don’t know (hence me making the post). From what I gather the Honeywell branded ones will work but the ones won’t work.

As for the HD I got, I’m happy with it. I don’t pay for storage of clips (2 weeks is plenty for me). I’m not crazy about the aesthetics (I preferred the slim line but I got a deal on eBay I couldn’t pass up on) but that’s ok, I don’t see it anyways as I use the garage.

The only problem I found is I sometimes get false motion indications due to heavy rain. You can adjust the sensitivity, I have it set to medium, maybe setting it to low would help.

Twice I’ve gotten motion notices and when I’ve reviewed the feed it was a bug walking across the camera.

For my needs it’s perfect. We almost never get strangers at the door (only once or twice in 3 years) but I like to be able to see what’s happening in my cul-de-sac on demand. Personally I’d trade 2 weeks clip storage for a 72 hour continuous recording but beggars can’t be choosers.

I really like my Skybell HD. Motion always catches people before they reach the door, :honeybee: and geckos do create a few false motion detections. Now I get notification when packages are delivered, as they never seem to ring the door bell.
I set lighting automation to turn on front porch lights on at night when motion or button press occurs, and it works now. :grin:

I’d be curious to know how you integrated the Skybell with lighting. I have the Slim and I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to do the same thing.

see this post

I have a skybell HD slim. The Honeywell branded
One (i bought it from the alarm company i work for). And i can confirm it does work with ST

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