Integration Fail: SkyBell & Hue Lights

I’ve been using SmartThings at a second home for over a year with relative success (motion sensor never worked right). Installed a SkyBell a few months ago and glad I did as some kids keep walking on the property early morning hours to look around the place and ring bell. House is back in the woods with a long dark driveway which usually deters nosy kids. I tried almost 2 hours with Live Chat help to get an integration setup where lights turn on when the doorbell is pressed. Could not get it to work. Solution from the tech was to wait because they’ve had issues with SkyBell.
So I decided to install Hue lights so I could program/control porch lights. Guess what? Integration with Hue doesn’t work either!! Now I have no way to control the outside lights and one light keeps turning itself ON after I turn it Off. My house is 3 hours away so I can’t just stop over to reboot or fix things.
Has anyone found a way to get SkyBell or Hue integrations to work reliably?

Are you using the hue lights with the hue bridge? That’s a reliable integration for most people. If it’s not working reliably for you, it sounds like it may be SmartThings itself. Or your WiFi.

You can set up an if/then rule for skybell and Philips Hue using the free IFTTT service, leaving smartthings out of it all together for now, and see what the reliability is on that.

Many Hue light will work wit nothing but a Hue hub which is why I do not use them. Just get any cheap $15-20 lightbulb. I have not tried any Z-Wave doorbell.

Thanks. I’m using the Hue Bridge with the Hue lights. I setup a Routine in ST which worked for a few tests then didn’t. Then tried SmartApps that worked but then I couldn’t turn the lights off. Finally got 1 bulb off but not the 2nd one. Then decided to delete Hue lights out of ST and it would delete it but kept adding it back. Frustrating!

I’ve tried to stay within the device apps but something is not working for me. Maybe IFTTT is the way to go. I’ll try this next time I’m at the house.

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You may have the right idea. I’ll try IFTTT as JD suggested since I’ve already invested in Hue and would like it to work. Any future lights/bulbs will without additional hubs.