Skreens- a solution for smarthome control via displays/tvs atlast?

Firstly, this HASNT yet passed the famous @JDRoberts “If its not on Amazon to buy and only on kickstarter then its not a product” test. . . . this post is purely out of my own interest and thoughts on it and what doors it could open should it get “JD Approved” one day (which is more important than the “works with smartthings” badge haha)

– It claims to be able to manage multiple inputs via HDMI as well as online/browser content and much more such as screen layout control via third party device (ipad/pc/phone etc)

Do i for-see a day when we can have our tvs playing our fave shows // showing our cctv & even smarttiles . . . the use cases in my eyes could be great for this . . .

What is everyones thoughts / views / ideas on use cases for this ect ect


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well with the exception of being able to split the screen between multiple inputs, I can do all those things you mention on my TV now. I will admit changing TV input and opening tinycam app to view cameras or smarttiles takes too long. Much easier to just keep the apps open on tablet mounted on the wall.


Yeah… a second screen is best for this; small tablet or phone. I have Nexus Sevens in each room with a TV, which can control everything in the house, and stream whatever is being watched.

Pretty cool, I’d love to be watching TV then just pull up things side by side with my show, like smarttiles or cctv, the question is whether you can interact with it, I guess if I have my keyboard next to me on the couch but that doesn’t seem ideal. I think the nearest smartphone or tablet will be the best solution for that for a while unfortunately until there’s a streamlined interface between TV and internet.

G4 apple TV is pretty sweet though, it’d be nice if some of the siri overlays like sports scores and imdb info could be a Smartthings widget for example, instead of interrupting the show.

This is why we love JD!

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