SmartApps Of The Future " SmartTiles V.10 " (Fun)

Hello All

I was having a play around this weekend and started playing with UI designs and how id like to imagine the future of IOT would be controlled . . .

Now ive always loved SmartTiles so i thought as a bit of fun i would have a play with where i imagine SmartTiles would be in years to come as more people integrate things with SmartThings and SmartTiles develops its interface and depth as more and more things require dedicated or room specific space in an interface . . .

I hope you enjoy and it inspires everyone to keep on fighting for the end goal of a beautiful system and control over our homes and spaces :slight_smile:

keep hacking & keep inspired.



Wow… thanks for posting this. Very inspirational. Also, I had no idea about SmartTiles so now I do. This will likely become my favorite part of SmartThings… shame on Samsung for not making this part of their platform. Perhaps they will do a smart acquisition of Alex’s code.


Love it very clean…

Very cool, I like the different colors and your the layout of the dashboard is intuitive.

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Any comments, thoughts, from the SmartThings UX Director: @alui?

I’m sure the usability and utility of such diverse integrated viewports & controls have been studied.

Just started paging through this book co-authored by Alfred:

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@April the images appear to have vanished in my opening post on this thread, can you imagine why ?

also is anyone int he smarttiles customization circle interested in working with me too make a new tarted up theme for them, i feel it could be a fun little side project for a week or so :slight_smile:



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Looks like something to do with our service provider. I’ll ping them and see what’s up. :slight_smile:

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Couldn’t find another, better place to post this so I thought I would send this moribund thread in a new direction:

Ideas for Future SmartTiles Features

Video Stream tiles that rotate between multiple cameras.
Instead of having a tile for each camera, have a configurable amount of time a given camera is displayed until it switches to the next camera with the next refresh.

Expandable Device Tiles
Tap on (say) your Open/Close Sensor tile that shows Open/Close, and get a popup for the whole device: Open/Close, Temp, Vibration, Battery, whatever it supports.

I’m sure there are more.