Siren when window opens, so I can get my GUNS

I want a SIREN device to sound off when a window opens when sleeping.

I want the siren to scare the Jesus out of the intruder AND to wake my butt up so I have time to grab my guns! Seriously, a notification alert on my phone will NOT wake me up!

Any recommended siren devices?

The Aeotec siren works pretty well.

Or Amazon:

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this is great, plugin and backup battery. And looks like adjustable siren sounds.

Does it offer multiple sound scenarios? Like, a low chime when a door opens during daylight. Then a loud ring at night?

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siren means you probably won’t need your gun.

This thing is loud. I have 3 in the house!!

In case he’s a deaf burglar, he will still meet my God Given right to my shotgun.

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And blind or stupid as these have three led lights that flash also.

Having an alarm system is really good and I advice that you get it. I see that you like guns and I love that fact. People are starting to hate on guns a lot now and that is bad. There would be no intruders if everyone had guns because everyone would be scared to try it. I have my guns everywhere around the house just in case someone tries something. My favorite gun is my rifle and I got a night vision scope and a rangefinder for it from That night vision scope would be handy if someone tries to steal something from me at night.

dug up a three year old thread, lol. this is more important as people are calling to defund the police in the good old USA!

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