Siren or Audible alarm for ST Hub 2.0


What is best audible solution for use as a burglar alarm with the Hub 2.0 ?
Triggered by door/window sensors.

I would love to be able to chirp or set amount of time for alarm to sound.
I am afraid a light illuminating would not be enough of a notification. Plus, the audible may scare them away.


(Geko) #2

Lowe’s Iris Utilitech siren works for me.

(Stephen) #3

I’m with Geko. It works great and the batteries last a long time. It’s even cooler that you can drive down the road and pick it up.


Is there an option for utilitech alarm in the app ?
I did not see it . Did you choose something else ?

(Dan) #5

Here is the siren I have been using and happy so far…

(Stephen) #6

It paired as a z-wave siren. It works fine that way. I also have the Aeon labs siren mentioned above. It’s mainly a beeping type sound though. I like having the utilitech downstairs because it blasts you out of the front door.

(Stephen) #7

Having said that though, it’s very directional. If it facing in your direction it’s unbearable. Turn it away though and it isn’t so bad. It’s not very noticeable from upstairs either. The aeon labs siren is pretty easy to hear from both floors of my house.