Best siren for alarm & doorbell - wallplug powered

Hi there,

i have searched and searched on the internet, but i have trouble finding a good solution for my needs.

I need a reliable siren that can play both a doorbell sound and an intruder/alarm sound
it needs to be wall powered as i am not happy about batteries

The obvious choice would be Aeotec Siren 6
But i just had 2 of these, and after a year they both started to play weird distorted sound.
i sent them in and got refunded.

so now i am searching for other model

Also i was not totally impressed of the device handler. It used strange workarounds by using a dimmer control to select the sounds and so on. Which is strange as they now produce the Smartthings hub to my understanding.

Also i am not big fan of Z-Wave. Maybe i am just unlucky.
But all of my Z-Wave devices does not work great, and all my Zigbee works perfectly.
So i would also prefer a zigbee siren, but they seem to be hard to find

Any ideas of a good reliable siren with 2 sounds, and wallpowered?

Now I;m sure there is one out there that O dont know about, but the Aeotec Siren/Doorbell 6 is the only one i know of that is ac powered. Also of note, there are no big name brand sirens that are zigbee based. I do beleive there arew some cheap Chinese brands that are zigbee, but there again, none that are ac powered/. I’ve personally had good luck with the Aeotec model. Had it for 2 years with no issue (knock on wood). Geta most its use as a door chime

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Thx Troy,
for your thoughts.

will wait and see if other people have good suggestions.
Else maybe i will try the Aeotec Siren 6 again… It was just weird that both my old sirens broke down at same time. But maybe it was a bad shipment.


Aeotec now markets and supports the ST hub and zigbee devices (I believe it’s actually still manufactured by the original OEM), but that’s a fairly new relationship. In addition, I would expect that both companies are putting energy into edge Drivers, not into updating old DTH‘s which will probably be discontinued in a few months anyway.