Door window sensor chime

(Phil Shifley) #1

Can anyone recommend a good door/window sensor that includes a chime or sound when the sensor is opened? Preferably something thats z-wave as it has the best chance of being compatible with ST or other hubs.

Previous home security systems I’ve owned have all had this feature. The individual sensor unit had a couple short beeps when the door was opened in addition to reporting its open state back to the base unit. I find these chimes helpful as I can hear if a door or window in my vicinity is opened. I don’t want a general beep from a siren as that is too loud and doesn’t tell me what door opened. Anyone with young kids knows how helpful it is to hear the chime of an opened door and know what direction they need to check.

(Solardave1) #2

The only thing I’ve come up with so far (admittedly without hacking a shield based system) is to take a good old x-10 chime and plug it into the least expensive zwave switch you can buy. When an outdoor (I have stairs to my house so you need to walk up to get to my house) aeon sensor detects motion,it triggers the switch which turns on the x-10 chime and a st siren/strobe where I’ve disabled the siren portion and then resets (turn off app) after 1 minute. It actually works out really well. At some point I’ll do something sexy with a shield but for the time being, if you come near my house, I get an audible and visual indication and the whole thing resets after 60 seconds. Eventually I’ll do something with a shield and an Arduino and couple it to cameras to trigger record functions as well and most likely some other form of “indication”. I’m planning on playing with the shield this weekend to interface with some IR barrier fences I just got from china - 30 meter range, 5 feet tall “invisible” solar powered fences that have accessible contact closures inside the controller - should be able to do something meaningful with that and ST/z-wave/ZigBee to upgrade security - I have 15 aces to deal with (which explains the insane number of aeon motion sensors I own).

(Phil Shifley) #3

That is an interesting setup altho I am interested in a more condensed solution like one finds with a security system sensor. A single sensor that reports to a hub but also sounds its own local chime when opened. Unfortunately aesthetics is also a consideration in my situation. My setup has numerous doors and entry points where I would want to be able to hear of their opening with a sound at their location. This was all possible with discrete security system sensors. I am surprised there isn’t a z-wave door sensor/chime product on the market.

(Ryan Sikora) #4

I don’t know if this will work, but it looks promising

(Brad Pirtle) #5

The Philio Z-Wave siren would totally solve what I am looking for. This last post was a year ago - any idea if the PSE02 can be used with ST as a chime when a door/window open?