Sinope Zigbee Thermostat (Edge Driver): Outside Temperature?

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I actually did change it but it didn’t help at all. I will change it back. Actually, I will delete it and re-add it.

I’m glad there is a topic about the thermostats from Sinope.
I have 3 zigbee thermostats from Sinope at home.
Last weekend, one of them switch to the zigbee thermostat edge driver. The 2 other not. And I have not done anything or change anything.
I see that the thermostat with the edge driver don’t show the outside temperature like before. I understand why.
But yesterday I realized that the time shown on the device was not the real time. It was 5 minutes more than the real time. So I cut the current of the device and restart it to force the thermostat to get the real time from the hub. And nothing. Now I have absolutely nothing in the time area of the thermostat.
Is it occurred to you. I guess there is problem with the driver because the time value on the hub is not a value from the cloud. My automation with this thermostat are now local so it suppose to show the real time. I don’t know if someone can check if the code on the edge driver is correct for that function of the device

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This answer is so unacceptable. Sinope should just create an edge driver themselves instead of saying. “It Samsung fault”. A guy from sinope confirm to me that they will create drivers for new devices, but they will not provide any driver for current device on the market. They just let us down.

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Adding myself to the list of impacted people… And my 80yr old mother. I own one sinope device, and I liked it so much I bought 6 for my mom. The first complaint came from her, “where did the outside temperature go?!”. I figured she’d screwed something up… But then it happened to mine as well. It took me three days of trying to fix the issue before I found this thread. To be clear, it appears the new smartthings/sinope edge driver breaks the outside temperature displaying on the thermostat (in an area sinope refers to as the secondary display). This is a significant feature loss. If you are looking for a thermostat that displays the outside temperature, at this point, I would not recommend anything from sinope. Driver updates should fix bugs, add features, or address security issues… They should not remove loved features, and certainly shouldn’t do so without a clear email from the manufacturer stating that a feature is being killed.


Hi @gmctavish
First, I want to know if you still have the time display on your thermostat? I lost that when the thermostat swich to the edge driver. For you information, I have 3 thermostats from Sinope. 1 4000W ans 2 3000W. Only the 4000W switch naturally to the edge driver. So both of my 3000W still have time display and outside temperature.
For that point, I just want to mention that Sinope did not remove that feature on their thermostats. If you buy the hub from Sinope, the features is still there (with the same zigbee thermostats). When SmartThings choose to go with the edge drivers, it was to have the devices and the automations locally on the SmartThings hub (for better performance). So I guess they have to choose which functions are local. For the outside temperature, the device from Sinope has to get that info on a web server. It’s not local. The real time outside temperature cannot be store on the hub (because the temperature change many time by day). So it’s my comprehension of the situation. I think it may possible to have something working if you have a temperature sensor outside your house. If the sensor is add to the SmartThing hub, the thermostat may be able to show that temperature on the display. But for that, someone need to create an edge driver for that and compatible with the thermostat from Sinope.
It’s sad when a device lost a loved features but I think it’s not always the devices fault. I remember when I first bought my thermostat, I was sold with some interesting features show on the Sinope website. The most interesting was the function that the termostat start before the time to have the right temperature when needed. I realize that there was a note that the feature was available on the Sinope hub but not necessarily with every zigbee hub.
But luckily, the Sinope thermostats are still working with the Edge Driver on SmartThings (minus some functions that may be came back in the future).
I hope I have give you some answers

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@Paul_Oliver @gmctavish @jsdecarie @WesWilkey @barrios35 @FerrisBueller
Great news for the new year
Someone in this community, @Mariano_Colmenarejo, create an edge driver to use with our Sinope Thermostat and with that, the thermostat show the outside temperature like before.
So I don’t know if you are all confortable to install an edge driver on your hub. You need a invitation link and you need to log in your Samsung Account.
There is the invitation link to Mariano Colmenarejo driver page:

After that, you need to accept the terms of Service and Enroll. After, you will have a list of all the drivers create by Mariano. You install what you need. There are really good driver available there. The one need to our Sinope Thermostats is name : Zigbee Thermostat Mc
More detail here :

Once the driver is install on your hub, go to your SmartThings app and select your thermostat. Go to the 3 dots on the top corner of the page and select pilot. By default the name is suppose to be Zigbee Thermostat. Click on the blue button to select another pilot. If the pilot it’s install correctly, you suppose to have the choice of select Zigbee Thermostat Mc. If not, wait and come back. Once selected, the thermostat is suppose to show the outside temperature like before. It may not be instantly. In my situation I restart the thermostat by cutting of the power of my heating system for a few minutes. You may also need to unplug your hub to restart it. I don’t really know how it’s work but it work for me.
So a big thanks to @Mariano_Colmenarejo
It’s a member really helpful in this community.
Everybody, I wish you a happy new year


Hi @Plouffe78

The driver Zigbee Thermostat Mc is the same as the stock Zigbee Thermostat driver to which I have added a few more models.
If the outside temperature works with this driver, it should also work with the stock driver, but I don’t know :thinking:

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo

With the stock driver, I lost the time and the outside temperature on the display. I only have the temperature in the room and the set temperature. When I install your driver yesterday, all came back.
So thank you very much and Happy New Year


Happy New Year to you too

Thank you so much for your contribution @Mariano_Colmenarejo . I am glad you were able to get this back working as it should.

Are you able to save the settings too? @Plouffe78

I have been back and forth with the tech support and they are saying it will no longer work to being local. I told them they advertise it on their website and they should support it too. They are trying but I feel like it was poor implementation on their part to begin with.

Hi @barrios35
What do you mean by save the setting?
I see only 3 settings
Lock the keyboard (which I don’t use)
Backlight, I can switch between the two options but prefer always on
For the time, I’m not able to have am and pm choice. Only 24h setting and it’s fine by me

Hi @barrios35

I’m glad it works, but as far as I know I haven’t modified anything in the sinope Thermostat subdriver.
It may be that when changing to another driver from the app, which is identical to stock, the device has been configured correctly, among others the time format attribute.

I think if you switch back to the stock driver it will still work.

happy new year

Thank you! Happy New Year to you as well.

Maybe. I have not tried it yet since I am dealing with ST tech support. Hopefully they can make it work natively like before. If they can’t I will install your drivers and give it a go.

We spend so much money on these things for them not to work anymore. Not to mention it is on their website as a supported device.

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo
Strange thing : I have 2 models of Sinope Thermostat (TH1123ZB and TH1124ZB). Only one (TH1124ZB) seems to be in the production lineup of the “official” Zigbee Edge Driver. The other is there but different. So my TH1123ZB has not switched to the edge driver yet. Do you know why the 2 model (almost identical) does not have the same status?

Installed and all 21 tstats I have are now showing outside temp. Thanks for sharing this! Your instructions were spot on.

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#   - id: "Sinope Technologies/TH1123ZB"
#     deviceLabel: Sinope Thermostat
#     manufacturer: Sinope Technologies
#     model: TH1123ZB
#     deviceProfileName: thermostat-sinope
  - id: "Sinope Technologies/TH1124ZB"
    deviceLabel: Sinope Thermostat
    manufacturer: Sinope Technologies
    model: TH1124ZB
    deviceProfileName: thermostat-sinope

Hi @Plouffe78

This model has not made the migration because it is not activated in production driver.

I do not know the reason.
In the stock driver, the sinope subdriver is common for all models, there is nothing that differentiates what it does for each model.

So it will migrate when they activate it.

If you want to migrate it manually you can:

  • Delete the Zigbee Thermostat productivo driver from your hub.
  • install zigbee Thermostat driver from beta channel
  • I would change the other models that you have in the zigbee Thermostat Mc to the Beta driver.
  • If the outside temperature and the time continue to work well, which should be the case, then uninstall the model you have on the DTH and match it to the Beta driver.
  • According to what smartthings said, beta drivers evolve the same as production ones, in fact, those of us in the beta program migrate our devices to beta drivers, not production ones.
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“If the outside temperature works with this driver, it should also work with the stock driver, but I don’t know”
Curious indeed. Would love to debug why then…

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo I can confirm that it works perfectly with all my TH1300ZB.

You’re a life saver !!! :star_struck:

Both Sinope and Smartthing support told me that “unfortunatly this is a lost feature by the transition…”

After insisting, Smartthing support answer me that they will consider it a feature request and forward this to our development team. While the only thing Sinope support suggested me is an offer to purchase the Sinopé gateway at 50% discount. What a shame!

Both companies should pay you royalties.


Hi @jsdecarie

My opinion on this subject is that the thermostat manages the acquisition of the outside temperature and the time without the need for intervention from the Edge driver.
In fact the edge drivers do not know the local time

I don’t see anything in the code that performs those functions.

My family and friends say that electronic devices freak out and work when they know I’m going to fix them, but I’ve never believed it. :thinking:


Using the new driver above fixed my issue and returned my sinope thermostats to showing the outside temperature on the secondary display. Thank you!