Sinope Neviweb device

I recently migrated (the long way) over to the new app. After doing so, I switched my Sinope thermostats to use the Neviweb device built in the SmartThings app. It works way better than the old device handler method. Only downside is that I cannot change the “Heating temperature” from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Has anyone else noticed this issue?


Yep, having the same problem. Seems like it’s an overall issue witht he new app.

You could please tell us what is the step-by-step on how you did it to have it working in the new smartthins APP. Mine works just on the old one :frowning:

I’m the new app just click the plus sign to add new device. In the search box type Sinope and chose Neviweb. Log in with your Neviweb credentials and that’s it. All your Sinope devices will show up.
The Celsius issue isn’t that bad since I mainly just have scenes change the temp. I just have to convert the fahrenheit temp I want to Celsius first then add it the scene. It’s probably better to get the zwave Sinope thermostats.

I can add Sinopé/Neviweb, but nothing ever updates. If I open my balcony door to cool things off and drop the temperature, I have to go back into the app, chose the thermostat specifically, and then pull down to get the drive in the ST app to refresh. My thermostats are the TH1120RF-3000 model.


I’m having the same issue. Thermostats connect fine using the native SmartThings connector to Sinope/Neviweb. They don’t update though unless I open the device in SmartThings and pull down to refresh.

Did you ever find a fix for this issue? Thanks.