Since migrating to new app devices missing, some show as offline

Since we were forced to move to the new SmartThings app I have some devices that went missing but are still in the old app ( and they work there). Also have several devices that show offline but I know they work. I was doing a Webcore piston and I saw my “kitchen light” but I can’t find it in the new app. It is there in the old app. What gives with all the inconsistencies? Do I need to add the missing devices again? But they aren’t REALLY missing as they can be seen , just not in new app.

First place to check in the new app, if you haven’t already, is menu > devices. If not there, try opening the device in IDE, click edit then click update - please do not press delete. See if that gets the device to appear in the new app. If that does not help, contact ST support and report the issue of those missing devices. They may just need to sync the data.

Over the last week or so i have had a few devices disappear… they have worked fine for a week or two on the new app and then suddenly they are gone.

They show offline in the new app, but if you look in the IDE or classic app they are gone!

Very weird and annoying!