Simulated RGBW Device crashes the smartthings app


  1. created a new device as simulated RGBW device
  2. if i change the color in the app everythings works fine
  3. if i change the color second time the app crashes
  4. now, it is´nt possible any more to set the color

did someone have the same problem?

Sounds similar to this issue for which I have not found the solution yet. I see color wheels working fine in other handlers though. I just have not been able to determine if there’s a bug in the platform or the handler.

I probably should link to the whole thread for context. The issue I am having is with a different handler. Just sounds similar/related.

okay thanks.
i also use IOS.

i want to control with the Master RGBW device different devices.
so i created the simulated RGBW divice called "Master RGBW"
I want in my house, the same color everywhere.

The Logic is implemented in WebCore.
I also use 2 Fibaro RGB Switches with the same Device Handler.

Ah okay, so we are talking about the same problem. I’m sorry I don’t have the answer. I was hoping the author of the handler in the other thread would chime in at some point.

Okay thanks Robin. I was thinking this was an ST issue and I was leaning towards modifying the handler as you described but I was looking for some more input before I did anything… Once I get some time, likely tomorrow I’ll post an update here and in the other big thread.

@anon36505037 I think @twack s DH is now the official ST DH, there are 2 and it’s the second one. I couldn’t find any difference between the two codes when I changed over last week :smile:

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I have made a version that moves the color wheel off the multi-tile and gets to a working color selector.

I made some other minor changes while I was at it. If anyone uses this on Android you might get some display issues due to inconsistencies between iOS and Android. Also, it seems rendering of the color wheel on an iPad is a mess.

Next issue is it’s too large to post here. I have not published on GitHub before so once I figure that out I’ll update this post.

The second of the two official ones listed adds the presets colors/programs.

Updated version that fixes the color selector issue can be found here. If anyone uses this with Android and find issues please let me know.

perfect. thanks :slight_smile:

If I change the device to on i get an exception

Is this a reply to my post? Assuming yes, I will take a look but right now there seems to be some general issues in the IDE so I can’t access the code.

Just FYI, I am not seeing this error myself. You said in the original post you use this handler with Fibaros. Are you getting the error with those or with the simulated device you mentioned?

EDIT: I did some testing. It appears you are trying to use the handler above for the Simulated RGBW Bulb device. That’s not going to work I’m afraid. The custom handler is for the Fibaro device.

Hi @Nezmo
thanks. yes, i tested it as simulated rgbw bulb. what a pity, that it only works with a normal device, because the interface is very nice.

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it´s possible to update the handler, to work also as an simulated switch?
is it a lot of work to find the error and update the code?

because i use the normal simulated device from smartthings as a RGB Master device.
with the RGB Master device, i set all hue bulbs the same color.
with the standard simulated device from ST, it isn´t possible to set the k level for the white color