Can you get / set a devices parameters from the API

So I’ve been looking if it’s possible to view and change a devices parameters using the API much like how Zwave Device Config driver by @Mariano_Colmenarejo does.

However searches on here don’t yeld much.

@orangebucket you seem to be the API whisperer do you know of any such endpoint?

I’m afraid not. The endpoint the CLI uses for reading them seems to be for a GET only.

They can only be get/set with a command of their own protocol:

If you want to get these values through the API, you would have to create your own integration and enable a custom capability to retrieve/set these values.
In this sample, we can see those commands are used to update the values based on the preferences:

If I am understanding you correctly, if I was wanting to get/set the parameters available for a Schlage lock I would need to modify the Zwave Lock driver to be able to access these parameters, correct?

Correct, the sample of the capability would be that when it receives a command, it can send a Z-Wave device to get the config parameters, then, the zwave_handler for that Command Class can receive it and update it in the capability.