Possible issue with ring products (24 hour time in new V3 app vs 12 hour time in Classic)

I noticed in the new app my ring doorbell & camera show all events in the 24 hour format. Everything else is 12 hour time. In the classic app both ring products were 12 hour time. Is anyone else seeing the same thing?

I can confirm

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Now when I try to setup a simple automation with the doorbell, it doesn’t work. Do you have the same problem? I checked in the ide & there is no way to correct it. I also uninstalled & re installed but didn’t work. This needs to be fixed on Samsung’s end.

@jkp everything else displays in a 12 hour format & in the classic app ring products displayed the 12 hour format so this is a bug on their end. This is not a feature that needs to be added since it’s part of a simple automation & it worked in the classic app. I guess I’m gonna have to run it in the classic for the time being but samsung needs to fix it.

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How is it a feature if it worked in classic & they’re officially supported? Or is it an officially aupported product for the classic app. Also if the video stream works in the new app & motion appears where it can be inserted into an automation then one would think its supported. That’s why i said it’s a bug that needs to.be fixes on their end.

And I will.call support, but like in the past when I called support & they said they would escalate it & have someone call me back, they never did.

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I understand what you are saying and I know many people are experiencing different issues with the new app where both of us can have the same devices but yous will work while mine will not. All devices in t
Hier screen report 12 hour times foe.me…its only being & that’s why I say its strange and must be a bug. Even though you can say everything is a feature, if it was working in classic but not the new app, i.consider that something that needs to be fixed.
I dis.not know that other people were having issues with ring but I am just frustrated with samsung because support never contacted me going back I. September and they could not also help.me.with my issue regarding presence with the old and new app. Its was guys like you on this forum that helped me.
And the other thing that bothers me is I see developers from smartthings on this form helping some people but when I asked for help i didn’t get any.

As you say choice is good and eventually if Samsung is to slow to get the smartthings house in order, then I have the choice of being brand loyal to another company.

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