Developers account

Hi I have sighed up for a developer’s account using my smartthings account details but it is saying I do not have a hub are eny smartthings am I doing eny thing rong as when I go in to my smarthings account it’s all ther

Try logging into

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Hi that just sent me to my samsung account and I carnt see eny thing on ther on smartthings

Do you use the SmartThings App from the Play or App Store?

Also reference:

Interesting this one. For testing purposes we have multiple locations and hubs around the world.
When I logged into this, it took me to the european site by default. One had to click on the location to get you to the location of your choice and correct ‘shard’

Do you have multiple Accounts?

The “” is only able to direct you to the “correct” Shard if all your Locations for your Account are on the same Shard…

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One account multiple locations. Each on a different shard (URL)

Right… well then, the “” has no idea what Shard to land you on!

The old instructions I posted in FAQ about going to “My Locations” and letting it redirect you to the correct Shard still apply.