Siemens/Bosch HomeConnect API

HomeConnect ( have a deal with Siemens/Bosch to make their white good appliances smart.

They have IFFT integration but as ever a direct wi-fi API would be better because IFFT can’t be trusted to work in a timely manor.

Where could I even start here? Do I submit a request to SmartThings support team? If so where.


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I honestly doubt SmartThings would support them offically. It would be direct competition for the Samsung appliances. However, if they have an API available, you might be able to write a custom DTH/Smartapp to integrate with them directly. There are a few projects floating around that demonstrate how to do webhook calls from SmartThings and vice versa.

This is definitely a project that would require custom coding to accomplish.

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This is an underlying issue with IoT. Its a paradox that for it to be successful it needs to be interoperable, but self harming interests like the ownership of ST by Samsung, or more to the point the attitude companies like Samsung take to open platforms is hampering its development.

There’s support of IFTTT, but IFTTT is useless until they can guarantee SLAs.
For a non-developer my options are limited.

Hello, have you already made the integration? Can you share the Code with us?

No I sold my smartthings hub on eBay instead.

Boing! Any news on this?

Anyone interested in this? I might write something as I’ve just picked up a homeconnect supported tumble dryer

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I switched to athom Homey that has official support for HomeConnect.

I’m also interested in this…

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I’m interested. I have a Bosch dishwasher.

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I’m interested. I have a siemens induction cooktop

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I’m also interested. Can help you evaluate if needed…

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I’m too !

I have a hob (induction cooktop), a hood, a fridge, a dishwasher and an oven.

If anyone has access to the API for Bosch appliances, I’d be very happy to get it too …

Api can be found here