Any idea of where I can get a list of samsung washers and dryers that work with smartthings

Title says it all - need new washer and dryer … want to get ones that work with ST if I can - can’t find a list of models anywhere.

Open the smartthings app

Choose add a device

Choose by device type

Choose washer

Choose View by Model Name

That will show the list of models for your region.

Or go to the smartthings website, look for the list of devices that work with smartthings, choose home appliances, then choose Samsung, then choose “support“ to see the list of models.

The list in the app gets down to the specific individual color, the list on the website just gives the model group.

PERFECT! Thanks so much - several others on FB pointed me to the works with ST but this is the kind of detail I needed thanks so much!

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Some Bosch or Siemens models that work with the home connect app are also supposed to have an integration with smartthings, but I don’t know any of the details on those. or what features are available.

Yeah, it’s annoying that they hide the list of models under the “support“ tab but they do that in every device class. :thinking: