SmartHQ Appliance Integration

Has anyone heard about future native ST integration for the SmartHQ app and their appliances? It integrates with Alexa, so you can indirectly integrate with these appliances. I wonder if ST will avoid integration since these brands compete with Samsung appliances. High end stuff though. Very cool.

No, ST has an API that anyone can use to integrate their products. Bosch just recently launched their integration for dishwashers.

Contact SmartHQ and request they create an integration with ST :slight_smile:

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SmartHQ isn’t an appliance brand. It’s the name for the app used with GE Appliances high end brands.

So integration for individual users is as @jkp described: it’s now up to GE to provide.

You mentioned Alexa for partial integration: you can also use IFTTT, for example if Google Assistant is your preferred smart speaker.

This has historically been a popular method for getting partial integration with GE smart window air conditioners, for example.

Since GE and Samsung are head to head competitors in the high end appliances market, I’d be surprised to see more: but I would have said exactly the same thing about the HomeConnect platform used by Bosch and they just added an ST integration in November, so I could well be wrong. :wink: