How to view presence in new ST app?

I recently switched most of my devices and automations to Hubitat, so with only a few things left on SmartThings I decided to switch over to the new ST app. On the new app, a mobile presence device is instantly created when the ‘Use phone location’ switch is toggled in the app. This device is available to use in automations but doesn’t show up in the device dashboard like it did in the classic app. Does anyone here know a way (other than in the IDE) to view the members and the status of their presence?


Nope, but in another thread asking the same question there’s a discussion about using a virtual switch. It’s a workaround until ST decides to add that feature into the new v3 app.

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The ‘Member Location’ condition in the Custom Automation is making me wonder if (or hope that) the ‘Members’ concept is only at an early stage of development and might evolve to allow other presence and occupancy sensors to be attached to a Member (I could have put that better, stop sniggering at the back) as well as the mobile presence, and that the app might display Members on the Home Screen (there I go again).

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