Show temp instead of motion in smartthing app

I am using Hue outdoor sensor to check the temperature. I am wondering how I can change the display in the smart app to show the temperature instead of motion, or maybe both

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We used to be able to do this in the V1 app, back in the super early days. Now you have to use a custom DTH to change the view.

If you are new to this, DTH refers to device type handler, a kind of driver that connects Smart Things and actual device. There may or may not be community written DTH available that works as you want. Search the forum. Another solution is to use 3rd party dashboard, like Sharptools where you can control what infomation is visible. You can try dashboards before you buy.


Yes, I’m pretty new to this. I’m trying sharptolls, and it looks promising. But still want to be able to control the app in the phone. I will search further here in the forum. Thanks for the input

Ok, Thanks for input