New App - multi purp sensor tile to show Temp

I am using the new app. I have a few of the smartthings multi-purpose sensors that i want to use for temp only.

The tile on the new app shows status (i.e. open/closed). I’d like to change the tile to show temp.

I modified a device handler but it did not affect the new app.
I did change the device handler to smartsense temp/humidity and that shows temp … but the battery reading is then wrong.

Any suggestions as to what I can change or use to get a temp reading and a correct battery reading.

This is all for the new app … I do not want to load or use Classic.


Can you create a custom DTH that starts as the temp/humidity sensor and replace the battery part of the code with the same from the multipurpose?

I tried a custom dth but the tile does not seem to update with the new dth.

Nothing new here? Got a Samsung motion sensor with temperature and a Philio Zwave 3in1 with temperature and would like any of them duplicated but showing only temperature. Weird if I have to buy a separate temp sensor. New to Smartthings so not really know what I’m doing with these DTHs. Tried creating a new with same zigbee id but unique network id, type Temperature sensor, but it shows zero.