Motion sensor showing temp in the app

I’ve got a smartthings motion sensor and a Xiaomi motion sensor - I’ve noticed that in the Smartthings app on the “My Home” page the Smartthings sensor shows the temperature rather than motion, whereas the Xiaomi sensor shows the current motion status.

Is it possible to change what the Smartthings sensor shows by default to Motion instead?

Mine shows motion. I can’t seem to find any config that would do this. Maybe a new feature? Would be cool if it could show motion and temp.

Do you have a custom DTH?
The standard DTH shows motion but this can be changed by setting the ‘main’ variable in the DTH


I don’t think I do. I’ve only got one Device Handler listed in my IDE, for the Xiaomi sensor. Is there anywhere else it could be?

The device handler sets what is displayed as the main object in the things list.

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search for “default temp” turns up some previous discussion. Several workaround techniques:

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