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Should I wait for v3 hub? (STH-ETH-300)

(Jon Christensen) #60

Exactly! V2 has Bluetooth, but it is not currently in use. At least not that I have heard about.

( - Make your home your butler!) #61

Glad to know the chain of command won’t be broken.

While I am supportive and in favor of flexibility I am curious why did the design consideration change to split between cloud and local execution rather than the original design path of issuing micro updates to the firmware to update just DTH’s? That way you could push individual DTH updates to the firmware thus allowing for flexibility and also total local execution. Infact that would even possibly allow you to allow pushing custom DTH’s and possible SA’s for local execution to the firmware (a HUGE leap forward and a HURRAH from the community)

(Zach Varberg) #62

A variety of reasons that I’m not going to discuss externally. There have been a lot of discussions about the best way to solve the challenges around local execution, and what we have now was the compromise we landed on for the time being. But local execution is something we are working to improve.


Question: Is the fact that this unit is “Thread” significant?
Does this mean Thread instead of Groovy?
Does this mean that they are positioning themselves to take over the Google/Nest division?
If they do take over, does this mean that Samsung is positioning themselves as an end-to-end IOT provider?
I know that there are no answers to these questions, but it’s something to speculate about.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #64

It helps to understand a bit more about what “Thread” is, first…


Probably not, but no one knows for sure yet. The V2 hub is already advertised as being “thread – capable,“ and has been from when it was first released.

Does this mean that they are positioning themselves to take over the Google/Nest division?

No. See post 10 above for discussion of the differences between thread and Google thread: they are not the same protocol.

Does this mean Thread instead of Groovy?

Groovy is already going away eventually. This is discussed elsewhere in the forum. Not because of this device, but because the backend platform is changing.

If they do take over, does this mean that Samsung is positioning themselves as an end-to-end IOT provider?

They aren’t taking over anything google for the reasons given above, but they already position themselves as an end to end IOT provider through Artik. Nothing to do with this new device.

I know that there are no answers to these questions, but it’s something to speculate about.

There aren’t many answers about the new device, but there are answers to some of your questions. :sunglasses:

(Jimmy) #66

A new outlet was added to the FCC in early Juy. The fingerprint has already been added to the smartpower device handler too.

(Jimmy) #67

Well it’s happening! Official reveal at the unpacked event on the 9th?

(Bob Kerr) #68

Yeah, I think they packed the tracker and the wifi hub in the Note 9, the most powerful smart home hub, I mean phone.

(Jimmy) #69

Who said it was strictly a phone event? They could unveil multiple pieces of hardware at one event like Apple does.

(Bob Kerr) #70

Yeah, they did it before. So everything is possible.

(Alex) #71

I watched Note 9 Unpacked and there was no mention of ST Hub v3 :frowning:

(Jimmy) #72

nope, but Galaxy Home will work as a SmartThings hub whenever it goes on sale.

(Alex) #73

I missed that bit but thought it was just a Bixby infused speaker…

Is this v3?

(Jimmy) #74

That is not V3. That is what appears to be a re-branded Connect Home and Connect Home Pro.


Didnt they say the Galaxy Home speaker has SmartThings built in? I would assume that is V3

(Jimmy) #76

They did. The hub in the FCC link the OP posted is similar to V2, though. Even follows the same model number scheme. And it’s stand alone.

(Alex) #77

I hope the hub always stays standalone as I do not want to have to upgrade a TV, or a Fridge, or an ugly speaker hard to place around the house. I prefer it be something I can upgrade as often as they release rather than something I have to budget when it makes more sense. Do most of you replace your fridge or TV every time there is a new generation?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #78

Samsung (and even SmartThings a long time ago) has made no secret that they envision the Hub as being essentially just software.

Any smart appliance or TV or gaming box or security panel has sufficient processing power to be a “SmartThings Hub” - just add some cheap ZigBee / Z-Wave / Thread / (Bluetooth) chips.

An “upgrade” in most cases will just be new firmware.

This philosophy may also explain why the platform is cloud centric: The more that runs in the Cloud, the less complicated the firmware is for dozens of possible edge host hardware.

(Alex) #79

For Samsung it is a great strategy to get the basis of their connected home ecosystem in as many homes as possible… Imagine how many will potentially adopt an ST home automation ecosystem simply because they unintentionally already purchased it baked into their appliance however I don’t agree with it being a good long term solution for users wanting to stay abreast of the latest technology unless things change dramatically (meaning you don’t have to buy a whole new appliance to move forward).

If I can make a wild comparison: I purchased a car in early 2000s that had GPS baked into the car. That GPS system was obsolete before the car was even released (Mazda RX-8) and since I kept the car for over 10 years, I had to put up with old technology (slow!!!) for a decade. I always was of the opinion that car manufacturers needed to give the users a way to upgrade the brain so that you can partially update the car without having to replace the whole thing. In comes Android Auto… and now, even though both our new cars have Navigation, voice control, and internet streaming music baked in the car, we exclusively use our phones for those purposes. This way we get to enjoy the latest advancements in technology without having to replace the cars. Speaking of which… where is the line for the Note 9 :wink:

Either way, I understand that if things keep going in the same direction, devices might end up skipping a local hub and going directly to the cloud making local hardware nearly pointless… but as long as there are local mesh networks and real advantages to local processing (speed/reliability), I will hang on to by little HA hub for dear life :wink: