Should I Migrate from NVidia Shield ST Link to v3 Hub?

I’ve had problems with a ST button recently, and in my frustration I blamed the Nvidia Shield ST Link, and ordered a v3 hub. After some further research, I found that the battery level reporting in the ST button is grossly inaccurate and the battery which was reported at 45% was actually below the point where the button would function. New battery and all is well again.

So now I have a v3 hub in an unopened box, and wondering whether to return it to Amazon or retire the ST Link and migrate to the v3 hub. I have been unable to find any definitive information on whether it is an actively supported product, and while it still works fine for me, I have no idea what improvements have been made in the hub that aren’t available on the ST Link.

I have about 20 zwave devices but they’re all paired to my alarm panel, with ST being paired as a secondary controller, so I don’t have to redo all my Zwave devices. I only have two Zigbee devices and a couple of pistons in Webcore. I see that there is still no migration utility for ST hubs, which is unbelievable, but in my case a migration should be relatively painless.

Any thoughts?

It may not be a bad idea with the Link firmware being 10 versions behind the V3

True, but I wonder if I’m really missing anything important. The way things usually go for me, soon as I buy something the next version is announced. v3 is two years old. I wonder if a v4 is around the corner.

There’s some other thread floating around that highlight V3 improvements. But quick hits, better zigbee support and better z-wave support. The biggest thing may be in the future. If SmartThings delivers on getting the Rules API working locally, then that would be a big reason to have the V3.

It depends what other devices do you want to use.

All IKEA remotes and motion sensors needs the newer firmwares’ zigbee group binding features.

The Sonos LAN Websocket DH works only with the newer firmware versions, and locally.

But, there are some topics if you search where some people mentioned, Nvidia might get to a point to add a newer Hub firmware version to its Shield firmware, but nothing has happened for ages.

The vast majority of my stuff is zwave, controlled through my alarm panel’s controller and rules/schedules. ST serves as a secondary controller, and allows control of my devices through Alexa (the Alexa integration pretty much sucks). I also use webcore for a few things, for example playing an announcement on my patio Alexa when my weather station detects lightning nearby. I only have a few zigbee devices, and only when I can’t find an equivalent zwave device.

Is it really up to Nvidia? The Shield is just a box that runs Android and ST is just an app on that box. Far as the firmware in the radios, I’d think that Samsung would be responsible for developing that. I could very well be wrong, but I’m inclined to believe that Samsung has just abandoned the ST Link and won’t update it any further. Shame. Given the computing power of the Shield, I’d think it could easily handle anything the hub could, unless the hardware in the link is outdated.

You can have a look here.

I think that the hardware was never really utilized what it is really capable of.

Most things that run on the Shield are simply android apps, and are updated independently of the core OS. If that’s not the case for ST, then perhaps the ST code requires api calls that aren’t possible to do in a normal android app, and requires some support in the firmware itself. Maybe root level access…

Shame. But when you are dependent on two companies cooperating on anything, it’s the consumer who usually suffers. One of the big drawbacks of android devices (except those manufactured by Google).

I guess I should keep the hub and migrate to it someday when I have some spare time.

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