SHM without groovy

Hi Guys,

So I’ve just configured another Konnected which works without groovy had no real issues. However there are a few things missing like, a tone when you enter the door to remind you that the alarm is set. I know @RBoy has an app for these things but that’s groovy based so I don’t want to purchase that right now.

Do we know if a) anything is or could be developed when we go to edge or b) ST are intending to add further customisations to SHM system?


What device made the tone using Groovy SHM? I would think you could possibly replicate it with Routines.

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SHM (Smart Home Monitor) was discontinued with the classic app earlier this year.

The current similar feature is STHM (SmartThings Home Monitor.)

Just to be sure we’re all talking about the same thing…

FAQ: SHM and STHM are different

Nothing official has been said one way or another about what will happen to it once the groovy cloud is discontinued.

That said, I would agree with @Automated_House that it’s likely you could produce a similar tone with the new routines, and it would have the additional advantage of potentially running locally, depending on the device you use to create the tone.

What’s the brand and model of the device that played the tone?

Morning Gents,

Konnected hardware has a buzzer thats wired up.

I’ll be honest, I was only aware of the app for groovy, I think it was called smart home delay.

How would I do that with a routine??

My main object here is to give the user some reminder that the alarm is on when they walk in the door, before the siren sounds. Just like a traditional alarm.

@JDRoberts you’re correct. I’m in the new app. Old habits…

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You can use Konnected to make a warning beep upon STHM intrusion without groovy:

Set up the piezo buzzer as a momentary switch with repeat “-1” which means infinite in the Konnected app.
Then in STHM, go to Set Response → Turn on Light/Switch → and set that switch to turn on upon intrusion. STHM should automatically turn off the beeping when the alarm is dismissed.


STHM in the new app has an entry delay option by default


Agreed, but it’s the audible reminder I was looking to make.


Hey Nate,

Thanks for your help.

I’m also migrating my Konnected away from groovy.

My firmware version is 2.2.2

I cannot find the node via the app even when I know the IP and port number.

Do I need to flash the firmware via USB?

Thanks again

Version 2.3.0 or newer is required to use the Konnected Cloud platform. The current version is 3.0.1. To update you will need to re-flash via USB.

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