SHM with Aeotec Siren 6: use chime and siren for different events?

Is there a way to configure Smart Home Monitor to use chime for Armed (Stay) and siren for Armed (Away) using an Aeotec Siren 6?

I’m very new to this, I have 3 smartthings wifi hubs, several multipurpose(open/close) sensors, a motion sensor, several outlets, a light switch and a Aeotec Siren 6.

I have already installed the custom device handler mentioned in the documentation.

I can configure which sound I wish to use and its volume and that all works great but the speaker plays the same sound for Armed (Stay) and Armed (Away) and that is what I would like to do differently.

So, to reiterate, I would like to play a soft chime for Armed (Stay) and a loud siren for Armed (Away).

Are you using the security features in the Classic mobile app (SHM) or the new V3 mobile app (STHM)? They are similar but different features.

FAQ: SHM and STHM are different

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have

I had to use the Classic app to setup the sounds and volumes but I’m using the new V3 STHM to configure actions.

I know this is kinda clunky and certainly not optimal but I kinda have this working. Any suggestions on how to do this correctly would be greatly appreciated.

First I added three automations:
If Security mode is Armed(stay) Then change location to Home.
If Security mode is Armed(away) Then change location to Away.
If Security mode is Disarmed Then change location to Night.

Then I added two Speaker Companion SmartApps:
Play a custom message (#5 which is a chime) when mode is set to Home and the trigger criteria are met.
Play a custom message (#17 which is a siren) when mode is set to Away and the trigger criteria are met.

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