SHM: What processes locally?

I have Smart Home Monitor configured with two presence devices for me- my iOS phone and a Zigbee arrival sensor. The idea is that the phone presence is generally most reliable, but if my phone battery dies or if the Samsung cloud backend is down, my presence fob will disarm SHM and run my arrival routines in smart lighting.

During the platform outage today, I got home and SHM activated when I went into the house. Am I mistaken that the ST Zigbee arrival (presence) fobs should be able to disarm SHM locally without any cloud processing? Or is that not the case?

its not the case

this list of your locally processed smartapps


this list of your locally processed DEVICES

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Unfortunately, there is no way to arm or disarm SHM unless the cloud is available. :disappointed_relieved: It doesn’t matter what device you use.

You also cannot change the mode or run a routine. All of these processes are done in the cloud, so SHM will stay in whatever armed state it is in until cloud processing is restored.

Hopefully this will be changed in the future, but that’s just the way it is now. Support can confirm.

The ADT/SmartThings security panel, on the other hand, can be armed and disarmed locally, One of a number of reasons why it is more suitable for home security purposes.


Yeah, the fob is a cloud device, which is really a poor design. The cloud is down it stays away or your internet blips makes the fob change presence.

W.T.F.? I thought the one redeeming quality of those silly presence fobs (I don’t carry keys because I use a keypad Schlage Connect lock, of course!) … was that they were local-eligible and thus were a solution for SHM disarming during cloud or internet outages.

Guess that was presumptuous of me. :confounded:

The fobs have sometimes been able to run locally, but it doesn’t help. The armed state, like the mode, has to be changed in the cloud account first.

Again, the ADT/SmartThings panel handles this completely differently, and the dual logo fob can arm and disarm The panel functions locally.


I thought so to. Apparently the first gen does, but not the current one. Figured this out when I was changing my internet equipment and my garage kept opening. :neutral_face:

Even if the device connects locally, it can’t change the armed status or the mode, so it doesn’t make much difference.

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Sigh. Is there any way around this issue?

I have redundant ISPs, but that doesn’t do me much good when the ST backend keeps going down on a regular basis.

Make sure you have a plan B to control things manually.

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No way around it for SHM At the current time. :disappointed_relieved: These issues are likely much of the reason why smartthings introduced the ADT system which is what you will see if you follow the links at to “security.” That system has a lot more local operation.